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One of my new ex bats...

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Is very feathery!! I only got them yesterday so they are still very timid and finding their feet. But I thought i would show you a pic of Doris .... how fluffy is she! :lol: We are trying to work out how she managed to keep all her feathers?!?! :? Some of the others that were rescued were in a poor state. :(




Any suggestions would be most welcome. :lol:

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she looks exactly like one of my new ex-batts - I put some pics in another thread..


there are two possible reasons that she is well feathered..


1. relatively speaking - some batts are kept in better conditions than others. Our Essex rescue deals with different farms - and some farms turn out baldy thin exhausted scrawnies (oven-ready) and other farms turn out well-feathered (even large sometimes) birds.


it is not in the farmer's interest to have unhealthy birds...


2. another reason is that every cage will have a top chicken - the one who isn't pecked - so even on farms that turn out loads of oven-ready scrawnies, there is always a percentage of well-feathered girls...


anyway - lovely girls! check out my other thread and see how similar she is to Mrs Goggins!



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Please excuse me for asking, infact I'm quite embarrassed :oops::oops::oops: but why do the battery hens lose so many feathers? Is it pecking each other due to boredom, is it because it is so hot, or due to the unnatural light levels?



Still embarrassed :oops::oops::oops:


Chili xx


they also lose feathers on their neck from rubbing on the bars to get to the food.

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