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magic way of opening feed bags fastened with string??

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Years ago I worked in a greengrocers that used to get produce in paper sacks that were sewn shut. Most of the guys had a way of undo them by simply tugging the end of the string across the width of the sack so that either the string snapped and unravelled or the sack ripped open where it was sewn.


I never go the hang of it though - guess I wasn't strong enough

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Last time I had a delivery of pellets they came in an outer bag. I studied the stitching on the outer bag very carefully, and it unravelled beautifully!


I then used exactly the same method on the inner bag - and it didn't work.


Which just proves there IS no magic way!

Get a Stanley knife and slash it open, that never fails :twisted:

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I've opened thousands of these. Maybe one in a hundred doesn't work with the method below. However, there is a knack to it, and as you will probably only be opening a couple of bags a year, it may take a while ;)


Put the bag on the floor so that the end with the string on is uppermost. Most of these bags will say open at the end that DOESN'T have the string! This is complete rubbish, and I know no-one (in the trade) who does this.


There is usually one end that will have a longer piece of string than the other; wind the longer piece of string a couple of times round your index finger, so that there is about an inch of string left between your finger and the bag.


This is where the knack comes in: Give a couple of sharp tugs upwards and slightly back over the top of the bag. If the paper starts to rip you're done; just keep pulling all the way along the bag top. If it doesn't try again until it does :)


If the string breaks you'll have to either tear the bag with your hands or get a knife, sorry.


I never thought I would have to explain this ;)





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