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Cube not arrived.....Update.....now it has arrived!

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I was hoping to be posting pictures of us constructing our new Cube tonight but I guess it was just not to be. After waiting in all day and 2 phone calls to Omlet, our beautiful new Cube never arrived :cry:

I must say Omlet were very helpful and did what they could but I think the courier was just giving them the standard "it will be delivered today" line without checking.


I have e-mailed Omlet to let them know of my disappointment, with luck it will arrive tomorrow. We are keeping everything crossed.


Hopefully tomorrow will bring a happier post.

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:( you must be sooo disappointed. There was a problem a while ago with the couriers, but they seemed to sort it all out, I haven't heard complaints recently so I think you've just been unlucky.


When it does arrive, you will be so eggcited, all the disappointment of today will be forgotten! Fingers crossed that it comes soon.

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That's a lot of boxes :shock: :shock: .............glad Omlet are delivering and building my cube :D


both of ours are being delivered to my husbands work :shock: on the same day :roll: not sure they will all fit into the trailer in one trip - probably find I end up with a purple/lilac cube initially :lol:

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:shock: ...so....many....boxes!

Oh c**p theres only my mum and I here and we aren't good at DIY...ok we've never done DIY!

:think: Looks like we will either have to get next door to put it together...or mum and get one of her congregations to do it for us :pray:

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We are now the proud owners of 6 pretty girls :D

I will post pics tomorrow as since we got home it has been blowing a gale and raining.

We went with the intention of getting 4 or 5 at most, but the words child and candy shop spring to mind lol. The best we could do was narrow it down to 6, and place an order to Omlet for a run extension 8)

We made the 20 minute drive home without hearing so much as a cluck from them and clipped the feathers on one wing as we deposited them into their new home. They seemed to find their feeders ok but struggled with the water, so I have put a bowl in for the time being until they get the hang of it. At about 6.00pm 5 of them found their own way to bed, however the bluebelle thought it was party time and had to be gently persuaded that she wanted to retire to bed for the night :roll: We just snuck out to check on them and all is quiet :D


I will take some pictures tomorrow weather permitting and post them in our album.

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Sorry no pictures as yet as it has not really stopped raining long enough to get any nice ones.

On a a brighter note the girls are settling in well and have all managed to use the glug so I have removed the water bowl now.

We had 2 eggs yesterday and one today :D The lady we got them from did say the 2 Black Rocks were laying and the others should be starting over the next couple of weeks.

Thankfully despite the horrible weather our cube has not leaked, so I guess we must be better at DIY than we thought :wink:


Hoping for some nicer weather tomorrow so we can take those pictures.


P.S. Ordered the run extension last night as well 8)

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Thought I would post here (to keep things neat) to let you see how our cube faired up to the snow 8)


We have bought a clear tarpaulin and added some bamboo lawn edging to stop the hemcore being kicked out. The girls have so far stayed snug and dry :D


Photos of the girls also added to our gallery.....link in my signature :wink:





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