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Martin B

Help Omlet, I need to make an omelette.

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Hia, I've got my friend sleeping over tonight, but for breakfast I usually cook the same thing over and over again. So we've got plenty of eggs(FREE-RANGE), and I was just wondering how I could make an omelette. Could someone please post a short recipe or some instructions.

Kind Regards


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I think you'll have to wait a little later to get a reply.... :wink:


Can't think why, don't sleepovers always entail going to sleep as late as you possibly can..... and then being up again at the crack of dawn :shock:

In fact, these days I don't think that my 2 sleep at all when they have sleepovers. Martin's probably been up for hours. Or, possibly, flled his friends up on gorgeous home-made Omlettes, extolled the virtues of free-range eggs, waved them off home....... and gone back to bed to catch up on his beauty sleep :wink:

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