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can i just ask, i have brought scots porridge oats can you explain, i just make it with water then and nothing else????



I do my porridge for the chooks with warm water only and not milk.


I add a scattering of raisins to mine, but you could add poultry spice (if you dont add to pellets) or seeds depending on your hens preference

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Mine like to peck it off each others beaks :lol:


i love it when they do that :D :D........just shows that chooks need chookie friends :D:D:D:D:D


Yes, its almost human like to watch isnt it!


Like when your eating yourself and someone points out you have a piece of cake stuck to your cheek :lol:


Or you have lipstick on your teeth! :lol:


Or is it just greed on their part.....probably!!! :lol:

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i gave the cereal they loved it but not sure on the milk, as today had bit of runny poos , not sure though if a mix of pellets on floor got wet.


ive tried weetabix mixed with warm water no chance turned the beek up at it

porridge mixed with oats and warm water, even tried another time with raisins no way again turned beek up at it at both times.

yog with oats no way left that

any other ideas recipes

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Sometimes you need to introduce just one new thing at a time. Don't forget, they wouldn't have had anything other that pellets/mash before you got them. And once they start laying their appetites really pick up. Yours may not all be very hungry yet. It took mine a while to get used to different things, but now they attack everything as if there's going to be a famine tomorrow! :lol:

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imthinkin same i wont be rushing to give it again do u think i got right oats for them? i got scottish porridge oats,

can i give them ready brek or oat so simple? mixed with water


I would check the ingredients (like oat so simple) just incase they contain additives like salt ( they probably dont), I give mine just basic scottish porridge oats.

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Mine were really fussy and didn't like many things until they were all laying and now they eat anything and everything!


I don't make 'human' food for my chickens but do give them leftovers from my fussy kids. I also do a bit extra if I'm making mashed potato or rice to give to the hens!



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prob have done lol i def know they love pasta so funny watching them.

do i giv ethem a day of treats tomorrow with just pelles with maybe dogey tum.

or can i give them try them again with a bit porridge tomorrow aft? :roll:


i think im spoiling them to much, mine love mash, pasta, grapes, corn,dried meal worms, melon they had a good try at

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I agree....give them pellets for a couple of days.


Too many new foods all at once will upset them.


When they all start laying they will be less fussy....but again....too many treats stops them eating the good stuff and affects their egg laying.

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