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Help Stop the Slaughter of Baby Seals

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To quote an old Red Indian


'Only when they kill the last buffalo and fell the last tree will they realise that you can't eat money'


I don't have a problem with people killing animals for food or to use their fur to survive the cold.


Killing animals for fun or fashion, now that is unforgiveable.




edited: to make more sense and reflect what i meant rather than what I typed!!!( I added the word 'people') it doesn't read the same without it!



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erm i wont be signing I'm afraid , not because of the seal cubs ...i would happly punch the granny out off anyone harming them without the slightest remorse , but because its organised by PETA ...a organization that is very,very dangerous in MY opinion .

there's loads on the net about them , good and as I say in MY OPINION very bad , have a good look and draw your own conclusions ..


very sorry to be a pooper but i felt it had to be said :cry:

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