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Is this charity collection genuine?

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I've got a load of clothes for charity that I'm too lazy to hump to the shop so have been waiting for a collection flyer to come through the door.


The one that arrived today is from ANYA Ltd which is a company that 'actively sponsors organisations which objects are (sic): to attract attention to the destiny of orphans to give real help to children need.'


Anyone know how I find out if this is a genuine charity or something else.


I guess since all I want to do is get rid of a load of tat I shouldn't care but I'd hate to think I'm depriving a 'proper' charity!





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I've never heard of them. Is there a registered address on the bag? or a web address?


You do have to be careful, one collection bag through my door was giving to women in danger in somewhere like Serbia (cant remember the exact location).


I dont give to any collection bags anymore im afraid, its a shame for the genuine ones, but in todays society you never know whether someone is going to take all your stuff and flog it on e bay for a profit! :roll:

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A genuine charity should have their Charity Registration number shown on the leaflet.


If in doubt, check on the Charities Commission website (as you did). This really annoys me - a lot of people will give stuff, genuinely believing that it is for a charity. Then when the real charities such as the Salvation Army, PDSA or Great Ormond Street come round with their bags, there is less for them.


I wish I had a bag - I have a pile of stuff waiting to go to the shop and haven't managed to get there for about a month!

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This is one of my HUGE peeves! I'm so glad you checked it out, as these fake charities are not only defrauding the donor, but also bona-fide charities. So many people don't bother, which is why they can continue.

In an ideal world you should report them to Trading Standards.

I think people who collect like this should be taken out and shot - no matter how hard up they might be, they're not going to be as poor as the people in developing countries which donors' think they are supporting.

OK, will stop ranting and frothing at the mouth and go away now!

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