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I've read several mentions of a swingball that you can put food in and I'd love to get one.


Does anyone know where I can buy one from as every time I tie up something on string for the girls to peck at, they manage to knock it off in about three seconds flat. :D

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What about trying a wild bird cage, the type you fill with a suet block? I stuff mine with spinach leaves and hang it up. They go mad for it! :lol::lol:


:lol::lol: I do that too Christian, it's great entertainment, isn't it?


I've seen a ball shaped wire cage thing for wild bird food in our local pet shop, it was empty so I guess that you could add whatever you want.

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In our run hubby drilled through the perches and threaded some old washing line through. Then he fixed bull dog clips to the ends of these and then we could hang food from them. On one of the lines he attached a screw in sweetcorn holder - this I use for screwing in apples, sweetcorn or anything that has a hard core. I also brought and hung a bird basket from Wilkinson (99p) I think and I fill it with food e.g. bits of lettuce etc which can't be hung up.


The chooks love it and it keeps them amused.



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Thanks for all the replies! I love the photos too!


I've ordered one of the ones from Omlet along with an extra Grub 'n Glug - our chooks' eating habits seem to fluctuate wildly. So I've bought an extra one just in case.


I think I'll be heading to Pets at Home too. Two of them should keep them (and me!) amused for hours!!! :lol::lol::lol:

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lol i have only had mine a week and i have

layers mash

mixed corn


apple cider vinegar

2 balls from omlet

a grub for my run

another food thing that got poo and ambiose in it all the time :?

water dispenser

red mite powder


handmade roosting bars like omlets as the perch was no good, not enough room for them to roost with roof in the way oops

a large dog bowl for treats


ordered bokashi bran and poultry cleaner


is there anything else :oops::oops::oops: as i'm sure i will need it :lol:

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