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Replacing Petunia - one or two new chickens?

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Petunia has now sadly died (thread in Chicken Clinic), which leaves us with just one chicken :( .


So, we're wondering, would it be a good idea to replace her with one or two chickens?


Patience, who we've had since September (Patience and Petunia came together as our first chickens), will be the oldest, and presumably will take on "top chook" role - we could never work out which was "top" between Patience and Petunia, they both seemed to be equal.


Would it be best to introduce one new chicken or two? If two, we'll need a run extension for the Eglu as well, but that's no problem - it's more the best thing to do without introducing lots of stress into the hen house we're thinking of.


All thoughts appreciated!


Colin and Quin

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As you only have one chicken left, you should be OK introducing one newbie (introducing a single chicken into a group is another matter entirely) - but if you get two, you greatly reduce the chance of being left with a single chicken again. So, up to you, really!

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sorry to hear about Petunia :(


IMO, it's always best to have a minimum of 3 hens because if something happens to one of them, you're not left with one lonely chicken.

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sorry to hear about petunia. :(


I would definitely go with adding 2 chickens. :D


We had a pair and Sam died leaving a very lone Ella. We got her some more pals and she transformed into top chook and was very happy.


If you have 2 chickens you dont have a flock or a pecking order, once you extend the flock to a minimum of 3 you immediately have a pecking order, hens thrive in flocks and if you only have 2 again you will have a lonely chook again if another sadly dies.


let us know how you get on, all the best :)

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Sorry to hear about Petunia.


I would definitely go for hens personally. As others have mentioned you will avoid the being left with one lonely hen situation again.


Also, Patience may accept the newcomer gladly, on the other hand, she might not, and might be quite nasty for a while.


If you get 2 hens, she will be outnumbered and any unpleasantness, if there is any, will be diluted.


Good luck, whatever you decide to do.

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