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Unusaly Easy Introductions!

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when i introduced my new light sussex to my existing flock of FOUR last week i thoght that it would be a long time before one hen will settle in with four (not very fair numbers) but to my amazement i put the light sussex in the garden with the other girls and there was 1 big fight between cluck the boss and star the new girl (that the new girl won) but about 5 mins later they were all going round together like they where life long friends! and they all went to bed together aswell! so i have successfully introduced one hen to four without any need to seperate them!


the question is how! :lol::lol:

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I have had intros like that. And it is normally from the new girl winning the first pecking order fight.


The other thing I have found helps is having a perch. mine dont fight when perching. So when I introduced Perdy (1 vs 9!!) she jumped on the perch if she wanted to escape. And after 2 days, when they had got used to her she stayed down on floor level with them no probs

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