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Ghost stories

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After my experience with the dog being scared of the hamster,I thought I would add this.

The Hubby in his wisdom wondered out loud if maybe there was a ghost downstairs that was scaring the dog.

This comment had the effect of terrifying the children,but it also reminded me of an incident in the house shortly after we moved in.


*cue Tales of the Unexpected music*


The cottage had been lived in by an old chap named Ted,who towards the end of his life lived in the room we now use as a dining room.If he had problems he would bang on the wall to get our neighbours attention.

He died,& 5 years later we bought the cottage which as you can imagine was a wreck,so needed a lot of work.

So the neighbours got used to our construction noises :P


So, one afternoon we went round to theirs for a cup of tea,& in conversastion our neighbour asked what we had been doing the night before very late to cause banging on the wall (steady!)

It had been very late,but BUT WE HAD BEEN OUT :shock:

So we all chatted for a while pondering what it might have been,when the neighbour said "well,if I didn't know differently I would have said it was old Ted banging on the wall,as it came from the corner her slept it"

Then she went white & told us that oddly enough it had been the anniversary of his death on the day the noises happened!




Anyone else got a good ghost story?

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Oh right up my street with this well done sarah.


Oddly enough speaking of ghosts and dogs..........3 Stories


I was about 10 years old and my brother was put in 'charge' of looking after me while mum and dad went out. Typically he decided I was dull and he would leave me but get back in time for our parents :evil: I am not sure why but I fell asleep on my bed with our boxer dog and my dressing gown on to be woken by what sounded like a party downstairs. We had a large landing and as I went towards the stairs I could smell cigarettes and hear the type of chatter, music and laughter of a 70's do (think good life)


I thought mum and dad had come home and called to them nothing, so decided to peep round the lounge door and get mums attention. AS I got to the top of the stairs our dog (very brave) jumped back onto my bed and lay pressed to the corner and shook. The noise stopped and I found the front door open...


I entered the lounge and sat in a chair opposite the door which was ajar (no idea why) I saw movement and shadow and the door didn't open but 4 white paws came towards me (SERIOUSLY :shock: ) as they reached me they vanished :shock::shock:


I lost all idea of time but my brother was suddenly standing before me and said 'what's up you look like you've seen a ghost' and I said 'I have'


Our dog had died of a poisoning in ledbury that easter this was a few months later and I always felt she had come home to me, we were best pals and I had taken it very badly!





This time I am 12, I am sitting in the car with my mum and I suddenly (typical of a shy girl) put my head down and won't look up. Mum asks why not and I tell her because the old man with the dog is looking at me through the side window. She told me no one was there and when I looked again he had gone.


Later we were told by an elderly neighbour that our house was built on the gardens of her home and there had been an elderly chap with a dog, always wore a flat cap. The man I saw had a flat cap! :shock:


Last story...


My parents had a holiday business and their home was an old farmhouse in Wales. I went to live back with my parents when I was ill . Strange things would happen in the house and even my father, a non believer, witnessed things. We had an incident with chairs being stacked on the dining table, tapes would clatter from one side of the room to the other. One room was always cold and once again our dog would not enter but shake at the door. As you left the hall into the kitchen a waft of fresh fragrance would hit you in the face.


Dogs are sensitive Sarah! :shock:



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I have a couple of incidents :shock:


These both happened in the house i am in now :lol:


I was watching TV one night and there were a couple of pictures sitting on top of the TV and one of them (a picture of my late uncle who I was very close to) shot into the air and flew across the room. I was sitting there with my ex and we both saw it but had no explanation :shock:


The other incident happened about 18 months later by now I live there alone and I got up one morning to discover that my crockery cupboard had been completely rearranged :shock: I am almost obsessively tidy and I ahve several different styles of plates but I always organise them so they are stacked with the largest at the bottom and the same colour/style of plate togehter (yes sad I know :lol: ) but they were all jumbled up :shock: I sleep above the kitchen and heard nothing :? It must have been noisy to do that :o


Both of these incidents happened about a week before some earth shattering incident in my life :?


The only other thing I can remember happened in a public toilet (steady) I was somewhre in the New Forest (place escapes me) and I had gone into the ladies in a car park as you do and doing what nature required when a 10p coin came over the top of the cubicle door. I checked the toilets and there was no one else in there the door to the outside hadn't been opened as it was quite dark and when the door opened it got light inside :shock::? I had no money with me my pockets were empty and my bag in the car - odd :shock:

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I talk to my 'ghost' even though nothing else has happened whoever it is I think it is someone I was very close to the suspects are my late uncle who was as much a dad to me as my dad is, my late aunt who I was close to but didn't see very often as she lived in Germany or my maternal grandmother who would in life as well as death done anything to help me :?


I am not scared of the ghost but respectful if something odd happens I am ready to batten down the emotional hatches :lol:

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No Gina that wouldn't work as my grandmother had bad health all the time I knew her and had to have help with those tasks :lol:


My main one for the guardian angel is my uncle and bless him his house wouldn't have looked out of place on Kim and Aggie he was a typicla batchelor :lol:

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Ooooh, I like this!! I've had one or two strange things happen...


We used to live in a brand new bungalow when I was very little and lots of strange things used to happen. Egg cups used to fly off the shelves, door handles would move and there would be no one there and you could hear footsteps walking round the rooms sometimes. We found out that one of the construction workers had fallen into an inspection pit and died and we think it was him "visiting"!


When I was nursing, I did my geriatric training in a very old converted Victorian workhouse. It was pretty spooky during the day but when it got dark, it could be seriously creepy. One night, I was on duty with an auxillary nurse and they always wore brown checked dresses in those days. She'd gone off to do something and as I walked down the ward, I saw someone in what looked like a brown dress walk down a little dead end corridor at the far end of the ward which led to a sluice room. I followed her to let her know that it was time for her break. When I got into the room, there was no one there :shock: ! There were rooms in that place which you didn't go into on your own at night because you could feel something in there and we never walked anywhere without the lights on!


We were all taught to believe in souls leaving the body when someone dies and another experience really sent this home for my friend and me. A really sweet old lady had died on the ward one afternoon and it was left to me and my friend to perform the laying out. The Charge Nurse on the ward always told us to open a window when we did this but we forgot as it had been a really hectic day and we had a lot to do. We laid out the little old lady with dignity as usual and left her in peace in the room with the door shut. A few minutes later, there was an almighty banging which came from that room. No one dare go near it until the big burly Charge Nurse went in and opened the window. When he came out, the banging stopped and we never heard it again.


The last spooky experience happened not long after I'd first met LSH and we'd gone out one evening and were driving home again. It was very dark as we drove along a very quiet country lane. All of a sudden, I saw a pair of feet walk across the road in front of us! Nothing else - just a pair of feet!

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Kate's right - all old hospitals have funny 'no go areas' - I remember when I had my first Night Charge Nurse post, I was told to avoid a particular lift, as at night it always came down to meet with without you pushing the call button.......I didn't believe it, until 3 in the morning, in a quiet block, I got to the lift lobby and the lift started on it's way down......Straight from 4th to ground, and yes, there was no one in it........


Suffice to say I used the stairs instead......

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Gina can I get behind that sofa with you?


I haven't got any ghostly stories to tell thank heavens. But I did have a fantastic out-of-body experience once after a general anaesthetic where I slowly rose out of my body (as you would :roll: ) and went up to the ceiling by the light fitting and saw the room from up there, the top of my own head, top of boyfriend's, and the reason I felt it was a true experience is that I saw on top of the picture rail a strip of pink paper from a party streamer, and later when I had gone back into myself I got the BF to look for it and he found it.


It felt lovely, really peaceful.

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'Tis very true about hospitals, as I've seen lots of 'people' wandering about corridors at night, once it was a little boy standing by the sink, who just faded away (it was an adult ward), and another time a patient who was terminaly ill walked past the nurses station, I ran down to her room and held her hand as she took her last breath.


About 2 weeks after we moved into this house my son who was 4 at the time saw a man walk through the doors from the lounge to the room that is now the dining room (at the time just full of stuff we didn't know where to put!


We also get someone walk down the drive past the first kitchen window and then go. Even a friend thought it was OH coming home early once, but when I described him, tall full beard with a dark coat and a hat, she went to the door, as she thought I was joking :shock:


OH and the children and various of the childrens friends have seen him, but it never scares them when we say it's just Fred!


Karen x

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I'm sure that some souls stay around after death for a while, unable to move on for one reason or another.


I also remember being told to open the window when someone dies to let their soul out, even when I worked on ITU and had to get a chair to reach! some of the staff used to think I was potty :oops::shock: moi!!?


Karen x

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