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Can a worms

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  • Omlet Staff

It is great that everyone is getting into the worms. I've been keeping a can-o-worms for over a month now. And I am finding it very satisfying putting all the leftovers into it and watching the worms slowly eat everything. It takes little while to get going and the cold really seems to slow them down but it worth the wait :)



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Our worm composter, well Mikeys for his birthday, has arrived and we will be putting it together this afternoon when he gets home. It looks brilliant. :D


Anyone else got one and got any tips :?


There's a wormery forum somewhere, which has a lot of useful bits. Most important is


Don't overfeed.


It's easy to get carried away with the excitement ( :oops: did I really write that) and put in too much food. This results in anaerobic conditions which can kil the worms. Seems quite a lot of wormeries go this way, Start really slowly - I don't think I put anything other than the coir block in our CoW for the first three weeks or so, and then built up very slowly,


The other tip is to keep a balance of material going in there - add lots of 'bedding' material as well as the food. I've seen torn up newspaper and shredded cardboard recommended.


I've used shredded documents from work. I thought these would work well, but office paper breaks down quite slowly, although it did help dry things out. I finshed up with solid lumps of shreddings to break up. Corrugated cardboard, torn up into squares seems best.It's open texture aerates, and apparently the worms like the glue. You can leave it out in the rain to soften it to make it easy to shred, without making it too wet for the wormery.


I did have a tray go bad before Christmas when the worms slowed down and couldn't keep up with the inputs. The worms quit the top layer completely, and many went into the sump - dozens drowned. Managed to stop it going throughout the whole thing by clearing the bottom tray (which was ready) and then mixing the top tray with as much cardboard as it took to turn it into two trays. It's been in the garage over winter, and is just beginning to really pick up now the weather is warming.

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Having noticed that WigglyWigglers are doing spare trays for CoW I phoned them today. Not only can you use them for replacements but you can also add additional trays. They reckcon you can go up to 5 high. More than that and the legs break.


With the amount of stuff going in mine I might stop at 4, but it's good news during the cold months.


Loyal afterthought : Obviously you should get the CoW here though.

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I've had a can-o-worms for a few years' now - it does take a while to learn how to manage it but it's worth it! I lost my first batch of worms as well due to water-logging - Wiggly Wigglers do a rain-cover now but also you should leave the tap open all the time with a container to catch the liquid feed that comes out to sort this out. It's great for plants in containers!


The rain cover is also quite good for keeping the larger flies out - I had problems the first year with lots of flies laying eggs in the top layer :? It's not completely water-proof, some moisture does still get through and the air can still circulate, but it stops the complete flooding which kills the worms off very quickly.


I cover mine with tarpaulin in winter (loosely so air can still circulate), and I've now upgraded to two wormeries to solve the over-feeding problem. Mind you, even two can't cope with the huge amount of chicken poo! I am going to put in a large normal compost heap at the bottom of the garden for the overflow when I have time........

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We have had a wormery for quite a few years now - it calls itself 'The original wormery'. It's more like a dustbin with a section at the bottom with a tap to drain off the liquid.


It's good at making compost and compost juices, but you have to empty the whole lot to get to the good stuff at the bottom which isn't ideal. It's great fun though trying to catch all the worms to put back in the bin!


However, yesterday I noticed quite a few ants crawling around in it and I can't imagine that's very good for it - does anyone know how to discourage ants while encouraging all the other good bugs?

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Annie, ants are very bad for worms, they will eventually kill them all off and it's really difficult to get them out of the compost. I lost a whole batch to ants last year.


The only tips I got given were to stand your composter in water but this will only work if yours has legs, I don't know what type an original wormery is.

The other suggestion to stop them getting in is Vaseline around the bottom, again this might only work with one that is on a stand or solid bottom???


Sorry, but don't have any ideas to get rid if they're already in. Good Luck.

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It's my birthday in a month and I am seriously thinking about asking for one 8)


My boy is my OH is going to love this :roll:


I am making all these changes and he isn't complaining so save him having to dal with me having a hissy fit :P


Yesterday I even witnessed him making comments about all the unnecessary waste one company was producing so I think I'm getting through 8)

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I think it may be on my birthday list too COAM...............I keep looking at the Wiggly Wigglers site, but they are very expensive............I did download instructions on how to make one which would only cost about £15, so I might have a go at making my own first it looks very simple........... :lol:

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