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I have made omlet famous!

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I never got an Omlet T shirt :cry: I think I was suposed to get one or showing some prospective new owners my Eglu, but it never emerged, and I'm too polite to remind Barbara! (hint hint) :lol::lol:



I know Barbara has been checking through these as it appears that people haven't been receiving their gift for showing prospective customers their eglus - I'm sure she won't be offended if you let her know.

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*flicks hair*


I will be signing autographs later on!




And I see you're on the home page of the Devonrose site! You'll be in the magazines next ! :D8)

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Sorry Kaz, I got that a bit wrong. KateA is right about the newsletter thing. This is what it says:


If you have a bent towards a healthier diet, you couldn't do better than follow one of our clients, Karen Billington. Not only has she an eye for quality but also errs on the lighter side. See some of her wonderful meal ideas here. The website is an eclectic mix of the weird and wonderful... you can even wander around her lovely cottage!


Real fame anyway! :D

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