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Chicken on a mission

Rhyming clues

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Hi Everyone.


Having been a member of this forum for a short while now, I have come to conclusion that we have some very talented poets 8)


Ever since our daughter was old enough to talk we have always composed short rhymes for christmas and birthdays so that our monster has to follow the clues to find her present.


She loves it and all us adults love to join in and help too.


The problem is that I have run out of rhymes and she is only only 3 1/2 :shock:


Can any one help out with some simple rhymes we can use to direct her round the house and garden to find her easter egg.


If anyone can I'd be grateful :?

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No, not on the windowsills ....... maybe near the daffodils




The only plant in our garden is a eucalyptus tree. We were planning to cut in some flower beds but I don't think the girls would leave the flowers alone if I did :roll:


Our girls have not touched our daffs which really surprised me

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:lol::lol: I like Mel's, very good, you can do a treasure hunt for Paul.

COAM, I don't think I'd get the 2nd clue, so very hard for a 3 yr old. I like the general idea though, & will have a think....

......washing up, what do you think?

it's all piled up in the kitchen xxxx


sorry, your sink is prob. clean & empty, it would work in my house.


I've always done a treasure hunt, I love them, ....and the children are relieved when they find the treasure :wink:

But, I don't use rhymes.

Just very corny clues & puns. :roll:

Perhaps rhymes would be more enjoyable for my family :lol:

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