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near fatal fox attack from outside Eglu

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Early last Sunday morning a fox attacked one of our lovely chickens through the bars of the eglu run! We were shocked, and we were not the only ones. Clover must have come near to the bars, possibly when she was drinking from the glug, and the fox got hold of one of her wings through the small gap between the bars. From the amount of feathers about, there was obviously a hell of a struggle and the fox got away with the end of the wing. It was literally torn off at the joint (sorry for horrendous details).


Clover seemed to have recovered well and was eating and drinking, although she was much more subdued than normal. There was quite a lot of blood all over the eglu, the run and the feeders etc.


We have had to separate her because of the other chicken's persistent pecking at the wound, which had Clover going downhill fast but now a week later she seems to be making a good recovery, although she looks war-torn and she's lost some of her sense of balance. She's stopped laying eggs of course and we are wondering if she'll start again.


We're going to put chicken wire around the bottom of the run to stop it happening again.


Has this happened to anyone else or do we have a particularly clever fox in the area?

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Foxes are opportunists so even if theres only a small part of the chook sticking through the wire-they will instinctivly grab it.They have no idea the mesh is far too strong and would have tugged on the wing in the hope of dragging her through.I'd try and make the garden atleast less assesible to foxes.

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I had only had my chickens for 4 days when a fox paid a visit. Luckily the girls were safe and scuttled up the ladder to their house.


I'm going to put electric fencing round their house and run. I think it's the only deterrent foxes respect.


I hope she's feeling better soon.

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Thank you everyone for your help and concern. I'm afraid I posted the same issue twice because I didn't realise it had gone up the first time (der!).

Clover is doing fine now. She was pecked very badly by her sister at first and we had to separate them for a week but now the wound is healing well we have been able to put them together again. Now Clover is eating and scratching around as normal and we are hoping that she will lay eggs again. We are lucky that she survived.

On the night in question we had left the coup door open and so they were out in their run at dawn and now we close the door at night and open it when we get up in the morning. Also my male partner had stopped urinating in the garden for a while and he has resumed that again now. However there are loads of foxes around and we regularly see them walking up the strett as bold as brass.

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