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Hi Everyone,


Long time no post :!:

Really sorry :oops: Every time I pop in to take a look there is so much going on I get completely overwhelmed. But it's great to see the forum doing so well.


Also thought I'd let you know I've given my chooks away. I was sad to see them go but since we moved house we just couldn't find a good compromise. I hated leaving them in the run (I know, I know :roll: ) but the garden in this house is completely landscaped and they managed to wreck it.


Now with the summer coming up ( 8) maybe) we want to spend time in the garden with Rose doing things other than just repairing damage. So I'm selling my Eglu and have a Cube on my future must have list for when we move house next - top of our list is a bigger garden


Tilly and Willy have gone to a friend who has loads of chooks and they are let out in a field all day to rummage round - so i think they've got a better life anyway, Couldn't help feeling I was neglecting them a bit since rose came along.


Hope you're all well :D

Couldn't resist a couple of photos for you :lol:







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Hello Jackie!!


Wonderful to see you and my, has Rose grown :D ! She's a lovely little lady, isn't she :D . Thanks for posting the photos for her forum aunties and uncles to see :D .


Sorry to hear that you're chickenless at the moment but you've got Rose to keep you busy and keep you entertained with all the lovely things she must be doing now :D .


Keep popping in to see us, won't you :D .

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Nice to hear from you.


Shame about the hens...but circumstances change etc and little Rose will take up masses of your time.


Keep visiting us....I know what you mean about being overwhelmed though.


The forest of red arrows can be quite daunting.


All the best.

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What a cutie! Cheeky smile, I bet she's a bundle of mischief! :lol: I don't blame you about the chooks, I'm reclaiming our garden for us and the children, ours are now confined to a big run but I feel terribly guilty about them being in all the time. But it sounds like they've gone to a fab new home and you can concentrate on that gorgeous chick of your own!


Mrs B

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Lovely to hear from you Jackie. I was only thinking of you the other day as I passed The Birth Book on again and found your postcard inside. Rose has the the cheekiest smile (and real nappies too - well done. I lasted about 4 weeks :roll:) I'm sure she brings you endless joy!


Children do take over in the priority stakes don't they? I remember feeling like our hens were neglected when I had Stefan. Sounds like your chooks have the perfect place to live now.





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