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not one but two things have got my goat today (not literally as I do not have a goat)


Firstly - cars parked in the street so stupidly selfishly that it is very difficult to get past and I worry that should my house burn down the fire engines won't get through etc etc etc


Secondly - sales calls when you're registered on the telephone preference service and they illegally don't leave a number and gave me false company names and addresses all because "your number was selected for a free latest mobile phone......" - I don't bl**dy well want another mobile phone!!!



AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil:

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Oooooooooooooooooooooh - both big rants of mine too!


Some **** set fire to our neighbours car last year in the middle of the night, and it took what felt like an AGE for the fire engine to get up to the top of the hill, purely because of the badly parked cars - it's difficult enough to get a car up sometime. never mind a fire engine. Needless to say, they ended up damaging quite a few cars, and the owners had the cheek to complain to our neighbour, saying it was HER fault. Eh, no! If you parked your car in your drive instead of the street.......


If I get some random twit phoning now, offering me a phone, or 'womans insurance' or whatever, I always pleasantly say 'oh, hang on a moment, I just need to switch the cooker off', then just leave them till they hang up.....


I'll join you with the :twisted::twisted::evil::evil::twisted::twisted::evil::evil:

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I quite like sales calls - and I try not to make their life more of a misery than it already is - they do have quite a sheddy job - can you imagine what it must be lke for them?


main tactics - trying to keep humour and politeness...


1. Good afternoon sir - have you got time to answer one question?

certainly, young man - fire away

OK - if you could replace 1,2,4,6,or 8 windows how many would

you replace?


have you already got pvc windows?

Oh I'm sorry young man - that's two questions -

you blew it! Bye!


2. We are working in your area and we wondered if you'd be interested in

our special offer on replacement windows.

Where are you exactly?

We're working in your area.

I'll look out of the window - can your man give

me a wave?

I doubt it

You're not actually in my street are you?

Are you even in my town?


Which town would that be?



3. Good afternoon sir, can we interest you in some doors and windows?

No thanks - I've already got some windows -

and a door

Would you consider replacing them in the near future?

Are you saying there's something wrong with my door?

I quite like my door.. do you think I should paint it a

different colour?


4. Good afternoon sir - would you be interested in our special offer

on life insurance?

Not really - would you be interested in a very

good deal on a used VW Golf - I can do you very good terms

if you agree to buy it right now?



Phil (the Missus just rolls her eyes...)

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Very good Phil, very good!


I used to love it when I first got married and moved in with chookiehubbie, and we used to get calls along the lines of


'hello madam, can we interest you in a new conservatory'


'gosh, yes please'


'now, do you have any idea what kind of style you would be interested in'


'Oooooh, can I get the one with giant stilts please, seen as how we live in a third floor flat?...........hello?........hello?'


*shona puts phone down and giggle loudly to herself.....*

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I reported a company to the TPS today. I am registered with the,but htis company have plagued me with calls recently and when I told the young man :twisted: that I am registered with the TPS etc.... he went on aggressive rant about the TPS being a loads of cods. So I asked him in my best Myacith Bucket voice whether he had 'quite finished' before I walked off and left him hanging on the phone.


My mates dad has long conversations with these people and winds them up (like revnev :roll: ) I just can't give them the time.

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I admit that I have once worked for a week for Staybrite Windows and it was hell


I used to wind people up before I worked there, as we lived in a council house and they would bang on for ages about replacing the doors and windows, as soon as we got to say "our landlord is Caerphilly Borough Council" they hung up!


then i had it happen to me and I was quite annoyed - it is stressful work and it is not a pleasant job hence why I only did it for a week


My gripe is that I subscribe to the TPS because I don't want these kind of calls -

I would only replace my windows with wooden ones now anyway (i already have wooden double glazing though so would not want those nasty plastic ones that waste tons of energy to make :lol:)


Clare - I had that from a company a while back from some company saying that they (the TPS) have no power to stop them calling - that bloke got told to **** off pretty quickly I can assure you!

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I'm with Phil here. I do have a bit of fun with them sometimes. Other times I do just put the phone down :oops:


Last year we were inundated with callers who thought we sold beds. By the end of it I was getting pretty exhausted having to deal with irritable people who hadn't had their bed/mattress/head board delivered on time.


The phone rang one morning just as I was on my way out of the door to work. A lady was complaining about a late delivery.


ME: Can I take your name please?


HER: Joanne Bloggs

ME: And your address and delivery date


HER: 29, Acacia Road etc...


ME: Just one minute while I check the file.......


I then left her hanging on the other end of the phone while I went to work. :lol:


The most annoying thing is that all of these people has misdialed. not paying enough attention :evil:

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Back in the days when businesses and home addresses were all listed together in the phone directory - we used to be listed immediately below Bolton's Nevada Skating Ring


My Dad got fed up fielding their calls - and having asked them many times if they might change their number he finally cracked and started accepting skating party bookings over the phone - it was very naughty - but it made him feel better..



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As the director of a small replacement window company,I would like to point out that ALL of our work is from recommendation only :lol:

We are also a lot cheaper than Everest ,who use cheap & cheerful units & charge the earth for them :twisted:

The AMOUNT of their windows we have had to re-do ...... you wouldn't believe it!


I think that the day we needed to cold call would be the day the house went on the market & we moved to France :?


I love Phils responses & am quite looking forward to my next caller :P


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Ever since BT refused to let me alter our Friends and Family numbers because the account is in Carl's name, I refuse to answer any of their calls. I always tell them the 'householder' isn't in, I'm just the cleaner - and No!, I don't know when he'll be back :roll:

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I get annoyed by the ones that just random dial I won't answer any questions until they answer mine 'how did you get this number' then I tell them I am restricted ex directory and they are in trouble if they don't go away and remove my number :evil:


I even had BT trying to sell me broadand and I told them I don't want the internet at home and he wouldn't give up my reasons for not wanting are none of their business why can't they just accept that I will never have it :roll:


I know I am a dinosaur but it suits me fine :lol:

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These calls often seem to come between 7 and 8pm. My mother just tells them she only accepts business calls during business hours! :)


I tell people I've got plenty of windows, thank you, and I don't need any more!

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whenever i get a call that starts off, "Good afternoon, and how are you today?" i answer in a pathetic slow voice "hello, not too good actually, I've had an awful day at work, I have a terrible headache, my teenagers behaviour is really getting me down, I am underpaid and over worked, I am really stressed out........etc. they always just hang up!

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Talking about this thread with my brother, I have now found out that my mother has changed her spiel slightly. She now says 'I'm sorry. You've come through on my private line. Could you ring again on my business line during business hours?' :lol::lol:

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