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Cow Parade

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very cool!


but I think they should have used highland cattle for the pics - they're well cool! - my favourite cows in the world!!






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:lol::lol::lol: - no, it has tidier hair than HFW :lol:


Our local farm shop has just bought two Highland cows - one with a calf. He is so cute - at the moment!


Lesley, when you get a moment, could you let me have the details of that other farm shop you mentioned? Cuddly highland calves.... :D


Are you definitely going to get Dexters?????? :D

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Now Dexters................... :wink:

I entered a raffle at the East of England show a couple of years ago and the main prize was a dexter heifer. I was so upset when I didn't win! :( And I've still got the raffle ticket in my purse! :?:oops:

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Yes it was the Lloyds TSB sponsored one designed by a 12 year old from Fife it was vandalised and when they came to collect it to repair it someone had stolen it :evil:


What is the world coming to :roll:


Mind you all of the local police are out looking for speeders so it isn't that surprising :evil::evil::evil:

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