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Is Gina Ever Going to get rid of her eglu tum???????  

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  1. 1. Is Gina Ever Going to get rid of her eglu tum???????

    • No Way Ho-Say
    • Yes, at 3am tomorrow morning
    • Possibly within the next month or so........

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Poor Diana...labouring away .... and I thought I'D had a hard day!!

Good luck, belatedly!

Looking forward to hearing some exciting news!


Gina, it must be horrid for you, with all this waiting around, but from my point of view, its just so exciting, like waiting for Christmas, but better, because you don't know exactly when its going to arrive!

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It does sort of feel like Christmas - I so know what you mean. I just wish the baby would come ready wrapped!


I reckon it's going to hang on in there until Thursday when I'll go in to be induced. It might be a self fulfilling prophecy, as I have convinced myself of this too :?


Wonder how Diana is getting on. I reckon her baby will be born sometime tomorrow afternoon. Oh, can't wait to hear about it. She's going to let me know at some point.

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Well, I did say to Darren the other night, that I actually wasn't pregnant, i'd just eaten loads of pies and needed a cover up and was going to have to waddle about like this for the rest of my life.


:lol: I couldn't bear a day longer than Thursday....

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My friend from work has just called me to say she has had a little boy named Theo born at 2:55am this morning and he was 7lb 12oz.


Looks like it's you next. :D:D

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Gosh I am way out of touch as thought Gina was only about 5 months pregnant!! Good luck Gina and hope it happens soon - have you had a "sweep" (Martin don't ask!!) as I did with my first and it was very effective!!

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Derr ignore my post as have just read your blog and you have had a sweep! Remember though if you don't want to be induced you can have more than one sweep - not very appealing I know but if you want to go for the water birth it may be worth it. I had a water birth with my daughter and it was wonderful. Reading your blog made me feel all emotional! Best of luck Gina.

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Ooo, thanks Becks!


I actually feel like I'm 10 months pregnant! I really just want this baby out now and can't face waiting any longer than I have to. Thursday is D-Day!


Debs - It's Diana before me. She went in to be induced yesterday!


It's all very exciting isn't it! :D

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Sorry Gina :oops:


I seem to know so many women who are either having babies or have just had them. Loads at work :):)


Hopefully we will hear some news about Dianas (and your) new arrival/s very soon.


PS My friend who had her baby this morning had a water birth and she said it was much better than when she had her first child by the 'normal method'

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I really want a water birth, I've heard nothing but positive things about them.......but it's looking doubtful now if I'm induced. I could hang on a few more days, but I'm chewing at the bit and going a bit stir crazy at home!


There are loads of people having babies aren't there! It's nice for me to have Diana around too, and of course all the terrific support from my friends here on the forum.


It's really keep me positive and excited!



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