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Mel (& Paul)


Is Gina Ever Going to get rid of her eglu tum???????  

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  1. 1. Is Gina Ever Going to get rid of her eglu tum???????

    • No Way Ho-Say
    • Yes, at 3am tomorrow morning
    • Possibly within the next month or so........

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Here's some more hope for you Gina:


I went to 12 days over with DS and 8 days over with DD - by that stage each day felt 26 hours long!! My midwife kept saying an amazing number of people go into labour the night before they are due to be induced...and both times that was the case with me!


So maybe Wednesday night?? 8)


You could also try having a bath with a few drops of clary sage essential oil in it. This apparently 'certain' method didn't work for me, so I passed my bottle onto a friend who was hugely pregnant and an hour after she had the bath her waters broke! She then passed the bottle onto other friends and it worked for them too!! I was so cross when I heard that - why didn't it work for me? :evil:


Keep smiling - you'll be a parent by the weekend whichever way it happens :D:D


Lots of love and labour vibes,

Cookie. xx

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Thanks Girls! :D:D:D


My yoga teacher taught us that technique Clare...which I had completely forgotten all about....so thanks for that!


Cookie - I have got some Clary Sage in my cupboard that I have mixed together with some geranium and some lavender to use as a labour massage oil. Will definalty do the CS oil in the bath too....I didn't know that.


Pray for Wednesday girls!

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