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Is Gina Ever Going to get rid of her eglu tum???????  

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  1. 1. Is Gina Ever Going to get rid of her eglu tum???????

    • No Way Ho-Say
    • Yes, at 3am tomorrow morning
    • Possibly within the next month or so........

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Morning Annie, morning Sheila, morning everyone!


Well, as I am going stir crazy sat in the house cheesy.gif, Darren is taking me out somewhere this morning. Not sure where, probably the park! Don't think I can handle town or bumping into anyone who might say, ' Oh no, haven't you had it yet!'


What are you girls doing today?

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Yep...that's about it! :lol:

Just been to pick up our 6 dining room chairs... imported from India: they have taken 3 months to arrive, but they're lovely! Still waiting for the actual table... another 3 weeks to go! We've been eating off trays since the end of March and I'm so fed up with it! (terrible joke there somewhere)... :roll:

OH is cutting the lawn before it rains. I'm supposed to be cooking lunch: thai fishcakes with chilli sauce on a salad bed... yummy. :lol:

What are you eating today Gina? Hope you're getting plenty of energy and rest....

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Gina, I do feel so sorry for you. Stiil, isn't Monday D day come what may??

OK, so if baby comes today s/he'll share his/her birthday with:


1908 Jimmy Stewart (actor)


1915 Moshe Dayan (Israeli general and politician)


1944 Joe Cocker (singer)


1946 Cher (singer, actress)


1972 Busta Rhymes (rapper)



427 BC Plato (philosopher)


1688 Alexander Pope (poet)


1844 Henri Rosseau (artist)


1917 Raymond Burr (actor)


1921 Andre Sakharov (physicist, human rights activist)


1951 Al Franken (comedian)


1952 Mr T. (actor)


1956 Judge Reinhold (actor)


1972 Notorious BIG (rapper)




1907 Sir Laurence Olivier (actor)


1924 Charles Aznavour (singer)


1946 George Best (soccer player)


1959 Morrissey (singer - The Smiths)


1970 Naomi Campbell (model)


1978 Katie Price (model - Jordan)



I'd go for Monday: what class!

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:lol: Yes, I'll go for Monday too! (Laurence is on our list for boys names)


It's Diana who is booked in for Monday, I'm in for Thursday (7pm to be exact too!)


Well, so far, I've made a banana and pineapple smoothy, a quorn sauage sandwich and a couple of cups of tea to drink with my chocolate digestives. Just eating an apple now. Tea tonight = chicken and pineapple curry (homemade of course)


Too rainy to go out. I can't really run for cover :wink:

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That's a pity Gina - a few goes on the swings and a couple of times down the big slide may just sort you out :lol:


We've been back to the house to collect the washing machine and drier - we were fed-up with having to go back to the house to do washing. My son helped Carl carry them and bring them here. Now we have both machines sitting in the utility room - Brad had to go out so they're not wired in - Carl had to go back to the house to collect other bulky stuff while we have the van on hire - and I can't do any washing at all now :roll:


I know how to wire them in but can't kneel down or gewt in the tiny space to do so - Carl can get in the space and kneel down but doesn't know how to do the wiring :roll:


Now I'm unpacking boxes of pantry and kitchen items - well..... I should be...... :wink:

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Gina, thank you for being so considerate and waiting for us to get back from the rescue.... your name was mentioned :wink:

Now I'll be around to get the news firsthand.... but I can't help feeling that Clare & Buffie would appreciate it if you could wait until they get back tomorrow :?

The pineapple curry sounds yummy :?:wink::D

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Sorry I've been a bit quiet but thought you might be all a bit bit bored of a recurring message that said - nope still no twinges. I'll be ringing the hospital tomorrow to check bed availability and all being well I'll be 'induced' so there will be some sort of news. I've heard that they can carry out the proceedure three times in 24 hours if it doesn't work on the first two occasions. So it still may not be born until Tuesday........ :roll:


Feeling a little bit unsure about intervening and wondering if I want to be induced at all - may be wait a few more days - maybe not - I'm so bored.

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You've hit the nail on the head there Diana. I'm a little worried about sounding a little 'same old, same old' on here too, and then getting booed out of the forum!


Go with your feelings about your birth and being induced...I feel the same. There's only you that can make the decision, and i'm sure it will be the right one once you have made it.


thinking of you x

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Blimey such a busy day today but I just HAD to check what stilll no babies :shock:


You must both be climbing the walls :roll:


Never mind I think today will be the day for you fingers crossed I will hop back later - just to check 8)


Good luck :lol:

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Gina and Diana,


We can never have too much news about how you both are. I think most of us are about as excited as we can be about your iminant arrivals so please keep us posted 8)


Diana, I hope all goes well at the hospital today.


Gina, I loved your blog and cried a bit when it brought back memories of when I was expecting Esme. I'm looking forward to your updates :wink:

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