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Bark chip area finished!

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It took 2 months :oops: but our bark chip area is finished :D

Here are the stages

1)T/S/Beth sunbathing in March when we had grass


They then kindly removed all the grass to make way for the bark chips

2)We started putting log roll down in March


We then went to 4 weddings, watched OH's Dad drive a steam engine and various other distractions.

3)We finished the log roll (yesterday)


4)Today it is finished!!! :D



Next stage.....the grass :twisted:

Chickens will be shut away in omlet run to allow it to grow again, eat it and thus the cycle will begin again :roll:


P.S. In our defence (it took 2 months) we had to level the earth over the entire area as the lawn used to be very sloped.

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Blimey, you two, they look posh!


I must get a borrow of the neighbours digicam to get a photo of our run, and our disgusting garden! As I had to go next door AGAIN today to get Scramble, we did wing check today and found that her wings are still clipped, so i have no idea how she's getting in there! :?


We have new neighbours now, renting for a year, and although I know them vaguely from school, its coming to something when they've been in for 36 hours and have to knock on the door and ask us to remove the chicken (that we'd forgotten to put away last night - bad chicken mummy! Lucky foxy loxy was on hols last night!). :oops::roll:

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Thanks guys. I can promise you it isn't! The grass bit is just grass with a 4ft eucalyptus and nothing else!


We have just finished the raised flower beds (ot flowers and not enough top soil in them yet!) and decking which I love :D


I have had my first go at resizing a picture so I'll see if this works :?


It is taken from the end of my garden looking back towards the house. The bit with the picket fence is going round our pond.




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Well Done Chocchick


It looks very good indeed - so would you mind just popping over mine tomorrow and doing a similar thing please?


Only Joking!!


Best thing to do now is grab a glass of wine and sit out and watch the chooks for a while, whlist admiring your good work!



It will take at least 2 months :oops::wink:


Martin when you say "we've" completed one you actually mean your Dad don't you? :wink::roll: "We" in my case means I assisted OH :lol:


COAM, they seem to be acting exactly the same on bark chips apart from some "assistance" during its construction. You have a very neat garden, ours has a "natural" :oops: feel to it :) I like the concrete edging on yours.

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Thank you all for the inspiration! :D I will be moving house soon (hopefully within the next week :? ) and I want to build something like that in my new garden. I feel very concerned about the fox problem so would prefer to have them in an extended run on bark for the times I am not there.

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