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Veggie plot expanding FAST!

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A couple of years ago we grew tomatoes and knew we wanted to grow more, the next year we grew some (rather small) carrotts in a pot too


We only managed tomatoes last year but have gone hell for leather this year


We're now growing all Organic (or orgasmic as we call them):


Red Onions



Red Cabbage


Brussel Sprouts


Baby Cauliflowers


Red or Green Peppers

and four different types of Salad Leaves


The veg plot was allocated to 6ft X 8ft - now being extended to 12ft X 8ft as we'll never get it all in otherwise


I feel very proud especially of Joey as he does most of the hard work!


Can't wait for the harvesting to start!



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Did you get one of those polystyrene kits? I've always fancied one of them, but am never sure how succesful it would be!


Yep :lol:8):lol:


Took absolutely AGES to get hold of one as the garden centre sold out in record time, managed to bag the last one yesterday and whooped out loud in the store!


People will think I'm mad.........

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Goodness Andrew,I am really impressed.


We have got as far as digging the Veggie plot,& are now waiting for all the exposed weeds to die off.

We have no idea what we will plant though - may just stick to potatoes this year.....so with the eggs that will be a lot of Fritatta for us this summer :P


I always have toms on the go in the greenhouse,a couple of courgettes in the border & some green beans in a tub too. Oh,& some baby carrots in a tub ,which do really well.


The salad leafs came up,but were promptly eaten by the mice,so will have to re sow those this week :roll:


I like the mushroom idea,& may look out for one of those kits too :D

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Wow that sounds very impressive 8)


My chooks are wandering around in our veg patch at the mo, so untill I fence tham out I can't plant anything, they have started to eat the raspberry canes that are coming through and torn the rhubarb to shreds :roll:


I'm hoping the poop will help the veg grow!! I was also hoping the chhoks would eat all the ants nests but they haven't so we always loose a fair few seedlings etc to blasted ants :evil:


I usually grow some trailing baby tomatoes in hanging baskets by the back door, so averyone who calls usually grabs a few including the milkman!!


Perhaps if I spent more time digging and less surfing the veg patch would be more productive :oops:


karen x

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I'm so jealous! I would love a veggie plot, but we simply haven't got time this year. (Whole house to re-decorate following builders).

Last year I managed Rhubarb, runner beans and courgettes. (in amongst the flower beds), which I thought was a good start. Had big plans to expand this year, but there will be nothing (apart from good ole rhubarb). Haven't even had time to do annuals, which we ALWAYS do to fill up the spaces.....

Still, I guess this summer we're gonna be indoors most of the time up to our eyeballs in cement, plaster, tiles, grout, wood etc anyway.

Good on you Andrew and Joe!

(send any surplus our way will you? :wink: )

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well basically you buy a kit that is a polystyrene box with a cardboard top, a bag of compost that has the spawns and a different type of compost for them to grow through.


You spray it with water so it gets moist, mushrooms like damp not wet conditions, then you stick the box somewhere warm and dark and 4 weeks later you should have your first crop of mushrooms


Each box will give about 3 or four crops

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We had a mushroom kit one year when the children were small and we didn't have much garden space but wanted to encourage them to grow something. The eldest made it his job to keep it moist each day. He didn't like mushrooms to eat but agreed to try them as he'd grown them and much to his surprise decided he like his own mushrooms. :roll: A few weeks later I 'discovered' :idea: that the greengrocer sold the same type of mushroom... - he still loves mushrooms! :lol::lol:

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Great to hear so many are growing their own.


We have a mushroom kit, giving us lovely mushies at the mo. also 3 veg beds, one with Internation Kidney potatoes (Jersey Royals to you) in, then toms, cukes, courgettes, carrots, parsnips, salsify etc for the maincrop.

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A couple of years ago we grew tomatoes and knew we wanted to grow more...


Ah, tomatoes - they're the thin end of the wedge :)


Last year I grew some outdoor tomatoes reasonably successfully (for a lazy, disorganized beginner!) and they tasted so fab we dug up half the lawn this spring to make a veg patch. Now we have a small allotment in addition to the veg patch and chickens on the way...where will it all end? :shock:

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I turned one of our courtyards at school into a veggie patch.

We grow loads of stuff - toms, herbs, potatoes, chillies, cucumber, pumpkin, leeks, beetroot, onions etc

The kids love it! :D

They then use the veg to cook with in the kitchen & always say it tastes better.

My hope is that when they leave our school they will become at least a little self sufficient.

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That's fantastic Emma! :D


Rosie does gardening club after school on Tuesdays, and they grow some veggies, have a wormery and compost. She really loves it, let's hope (as you say) that the children learn something out of it. Mind you, the children going to that club aren't the ones who need education in nutrition and healthy eating

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Clare it's really good that some schools are making this part of an enriched curriculum. We dont have a compost heap or wormery but im workin on it :wink:

I know what you mean about getting the kids involved that really need it, its always difficult to make an impact where its most needed.

My students can choose gardening for an 'option' twice a week - i usually end up with the same ones - v dedicated. :D

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