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Ebay query....would you?

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In all my years on eBay,I have never before come across this one.


I sold an item to a guy in Germany today & I always put on my listings that overseas buyers MUST pay by Paypal with absolutly no exceptions.


Now,he wants me to email my bank account number so her can credit my account directly.


Does this sound risky to you,should I insist on my Paypal payment?

What do you think???

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No, I wouldnt give out my bank details. We did this once on ebay and never received payment although the guy was insisting his bank had sent it and became very abusive when we asked for proof of sending.


If your listings say Paypal, insist on Paypal.

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OH pointed out if they don't stick with the agreement i.e. you said to use paypal and they knew that and won't, you could go with the next highest bidder.


Very true.


But I completely disagree with all of you for insisting on Paypal.


When I list, my prefered method of payment is by bank transfer. The most popular way of paying in Germany is by BT as they recognise the Paypal is a rip off. :D


1. Giving him your account name, number, sort code is less detail than on a cheque but who'd worry about writting a cheque? Writting a cheque is actually more risking than giving out the details he needs because on a cheque you have a copy of your signature too :shock:


2. Did you know that unless you send an item by Paypal approved means, if the buyer lodges a complaint through Paypal saying they didn't receive the item then Paypal will claw back the money from your Paypal account and refund the buyer without your permission if you can't provide a reference number to show it was sent by an approved means. You will even have to provide the buyers signature of receipt if the item is over £150.


3. If Bank transfer is so unsafe then why will eBay cover buyers paying by bank transfer under their standard protection scheme but won't cover buyers paying by postal order. It is in eBay's business interests to try and put buyer's off of paying by bank transfer because it is dirrect competion against Paypal and eBay own Paypal!


4. If you are paid by bank transfer then the money hits your account in 3 working days. If you are paid by Paypal then it sits in your Paypal account until you 'withdraw' it into your bank account which could take upto 10 days. Not very immediate after all!


5. Here is a bit from my selling template for my auctions, feel free to try and remove my cash if you want:






My preferred method of payment is bank transfer. This is very easy to do even if you don’t bank online. Just call your bank with my account name (********) number (********) and sort code (********) and please use the auction number as a reference so I know what auction the payment is for. Bank transfers clear on the same day if you happen to bank with Barclay’s. If you don’t it in just 3 working days, far quicker than a cheque which I do not accept.


Postal orders should have my name (********) on them.


I have a premier Paypal account which does accept payments by credit or debit cards but would really appreciate if you pay by bank transfer instead because Paypal fees for small value items are a very high proportion of the selling price. I have a great deal of experience selling on eBay and pride myself on my service and feedback so please consider bank transfer instead.




Payment should be RECEIVED within 7 days of the auction ending.



4. If you are still in doubt then give your bank a ring and they will be happy to reassure you that bank transfers are not only safe, but that cheques are goings to be phased out as they are not as secure as paying by bank transfer.


5. Ask any continental buyers to pay in Euro's so you don't get any charges. BT allows you to receive for free, Paypal charge you.

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He isn't registered with Paypal ,but still bid despite it being made VERY clear that overseas byers must pay by this metheod.


He says he will send me a cheque drawn from his bank,in pounds,but that will still tkae a while so I may go with the transfer thing.

Having spoken to my Bank they say it is a very secure way to recieve funds,as does Thalia,so in this case I will do that I think.


Not 100% happy though....& I will certainly let him know this as he has not stuck by the terms of my auction :?

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I've never bought or sold on ebay before, abit late with the old wonders of the web but have now registered. I agree that bank transfers are really safe but if specified as paypal only that should be the case. Any tips for me as a first timer and what do you buy. I wanted George Michael tickets but can see I am unlikely to get them :?:wink:



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I bought some heavy irish dance shoes last night for Sarah, or rather I left a bet then got an e-mail to say I'd won!


Nice surprise for her this morning, and it was very easy :D only need 2 more pairs for Ellie and Christopher :roll:


I think if you are really keen it's worth waiting while the last few minutes of the auction, if you don't mind if you get it or not, then it's easier as you can leave a max bid ad not worry about it :D


karen x

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Oh God - more problems.


The truck I had for sale has sold to a guy in POLAND :shock:


Specified as no Paypal on this one cos of the fees - & how on earth is he going to get it over there?


We shall see - never a dull moment on eBay :roll::lol:


OH sold a bike to a chap from Norway :shock:

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Rip off or not, it is wise to use PayPal for your own security. Giving your bank details out to individuals that you do not know could make you an easy target for identity theft.

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I'm just going to give a couple of examples here because this is going to be a long enough post as it is.


Identity fraud can happen when scammers have sufficient info about you to set up credit in your name.


Now imagine I'm a scammer, the easiest way to gain info is by getting it off a cheque or from a company you have a DDM with. There are far more details available there to make my life as a scammer so much easier and the scammer will go for the easy option just a the burgler goes for the easy target.


What I did by posting my bank details up gives less information than those setting up direct debit mandates or writing cheques give without a second thought.


But of co"Ooops, word censored!" by setting up DD's or writing a cheque you aren't being as wreckless I am have because you are choosing who you give your details to right?


WRONG! Do you know all the employees that have access to company records which not only have your bank details but many other personal details too and there will be hundreds of employees in a big company. If you pay a tradesman by cheque then who does he give the cheque to, plus he has your address no doubt! Just 2 examples there because I haven't got time to write more.


So those of you writing cheques and being careful about who you give your details to now find you have a problem, you have been happilly giving out more details than I have to people you don't know without giving it a second thought!


Now I can understand why there this knee-jerk reaction about giving out bank details occurs against giving out your bank details because I used to be the same until I took the time to find out a bit more.


As for using Paypal, for your own protection, what a laugh! That shows how many people have been taken in by ebay/paypal marketing and little many people know about Paypal! I prefer to know my onions before recommending something to others.


The most common complaint of fraud on the ebay forums is where buyers have complained to ebay that the item didn't arrive (see my previous post) or is not as described. Paypal then reimburse the buyer from funds in your Paypal account. This is all in Paypal's user agreement and you have have the word of the buyer. Far easier for a scammer to target. We had a scammer try to return something that wasn't even the same make as he had bought so that he could get a refund!


Also scammers will use their credit card to pay for a higher value item and then claim the money back through the credit card company and Paypal pay up and then bill you and charge you £7 for this!


On top of this, Paypals security systems are rubbish. If you get a keystroke virus on your computer then a scammer has access to your user name and password for Paypal and can access your bank account in that way because you have set up a mandate with them. Because you agreed to this mandate you have no protection from your bank and Paypal won't cover you either. Far easier than going to all the hassle of setting up false id's and quicker too so the turnover has to be quite lucritive.


I did point out the dangers of keystroke virus's to Paypal and asked them when they will be introducing drop down selection boxes (common practice in the banking industry) so that not only will you not actually have to type in your password and leave yourself open to keystroke virus's but also you would only be asked to provide say the first and forth letter so you have less chance of giving your password away. But Paypal have no plans to change, mind you they don't suffer from this financially do they, only their users do because Paypal offers no liability against their own systems being compromised let alone yours (although computer security should be up to the individual).


Just go on the ebay forums to see how many are caught out by phishing emails supposedly from ebay/paypal and have had their paypal accounts emptied and if you have an empty Paypal account then you have a back up funding source - bank account or credit card (even better!) that can be drawn upon to buy goods over the net.


Those who that consider me foolish for giving my details should get their own houses in order first and stop giving out far more information than I did when they use more widely used banking practices such as cheques or DDM's.


I have gone way further than just speaking to my bank on this and given that I have a more rounded knowledge that has been backed up by my bank, I will be believing them on this issue.




Of co"Ooops, word censored!" there is a risk of identity fraud but that risk is less than the risks associated with the more common forms of banking. Cheques are being phased out because of the fraud risks involved and the popularity of the debit card (more details on there than I gave too but you wouldn't think twice anbout paying by one) so get used to bank transfer because it is on it's way in.

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Hi. You mentioned that the buyer suggested the option of a cheque written in pounds. Be careful - your bank may charge you a LOT to pay it in.


So, I really suggest that you do NOT accept a cheque drawn on a foreign bank account, even if made out in pounds sterling, unless you are sure how much your bank will charge you for paying it in. Cheques drawn on foreign bank accounts are very expensive for banks to handle. They have to send them by post to the foreign bank and it takes ages for them to clear.

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Thanks for that Ruth.


He isn't the easiest person to deal with.

He has now posted me a cheque,despite me saying I would not accept it. :roll:


I will call up my Bank & see what they say.


Thalia,thanks for all your info too,it made very interesting reading!

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