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Google Earth

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Have any of you seen Google Earth? Just type those two words into your search engine and you can download it - it's a load of fab 3D satellite images of the Earth. You can zoom in and see the most incredible details - one of the blokes at work saw the deckchair in his mum's back garden :shock: Having said that, som eareas (and surprisingly some larger towns) don't have good res images.


I could play for hours zooming in and out and tilting it.....

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Thanks Claret - its amazing isn't it?


I think its a bit dated though. There's a new college built in the grounds of an old victorian school next door to us, and google earth still shows an empty playground, which has sadly been gone for about 3 years.

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I've had it on my desktop for ages now, Some friends went to America for hols and showed us where they stayed (they have Windows Media CEntre and it comes through a 42" Plasma screen)


You won't be able to see GCHQ though in Cheltenham, It suddenly goes blury 1/2 mile from where it is!! Well it is a very important government listening post after all!


I looked at my current house and my old one - I can see the caravan on the drive and my old car and even the bikes in the back garden and the people who used to live in my current house - you can see ther slides and toys outside and the tree out the front is remarkably smaller than it is now!

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