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The Queen's Handbag

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My two children were at this yesterday evening - they had an incredible time. It sounds completely amazing :shock:8) DD who is not-quite-four was enchanted to see Angelina Ballerina and the Royal Ballet. DS who is not-quite-seven has a serious Famous Five obsession, and in the show the Blue Peter presenters and the dog played the Famous Five. Both came away exhausted, excited and deliriously happy.


They went with Grandma while the OH and I spent a lovely few hours in St James's Park reading the newspapers, chatting and sunbathing. Bliss!


On the way home everyone on the tube could see the children's souvenir bags and hats and flags and was asking them all about the party. They thought that was pretty cool too :P8)


I hope anyone else here who went had a great time.



Cookie. xx

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I was just coming on here to start a new thread telling you all about it, but Sheila beat me to it! :D8)


Cookie - I was sure I wouldn't be the only eglu owner there!


The party was absolutely brilliant and we were so well-looked after. Queueing to get in outside the palace, we were given bottles of water. Inside were programmes and cameras for everyone and the most wonderful picnic hamper. The purple, labelled bag was about 3 or 4 times the size of a lunch box and filled with lovely food, chosen by Jamie Oliver and made by Sainsburys. We were also given Sun cream, a poncho in environmentally-friendly plastic, a baseball cap with the logo, a flag, plate, cutlery, wipes and a table cloth. And we had one of these EACH, not to share!


We sat next to Huw Edwards and his son to have our picnic! We also saw, out in the garden, Shirley Hughes, Anne Fine, Michael Morpurgo, Francesca . . . (Horrid Henry), J K Rowling, Roger Hargreaves, Roger McGough, Jacquie Wilson, Rupert Grint (mega-wow! 8) ), Emma Watson, Jerry Hall, Sanjeev Baskar, Sophie Raworth, Matt Stevens, Sophie Dahl, Mabel the Blue Peter dog and the Queen's corgis. I've probably forgotten a few others as well.


We were also extremely fortunate to be standing by the steps as the Queen arrived in the garden with very few others around. I was hissing at DD2+3 'There's the Queen!' and they were going 'where? where?' 'In front of you - there!' but we managed to get a close-up photo. Later we saw Prince Philip as he walked through the picnickers. But we didn't see the young princes at all. :(


We took loads of photos and got lots of autographs. DD2's thrill of the day was when she was so overwhelmed she forgot her shyness and asked Matt Stevens for a photograph. She couldn't believe it when he put his arm round her and posed (she said later it was really heavy!) and kept saying to me afterwards 'I think I've died!' She's gone off to school this morning very proudly with her photo!


Were there any other eglu owners there?

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It sounds like you had a fantastic day, Emily would have loved to have been there but didn't get chosen she watched it on the T.V with her mouth open in awe the whole way through. It looked very well organised and everybody seemed to be having a great time.............. :lol::lol:

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Wow, how lucky are you all :D:D


Sounds like you had a fantastic time


We caught the end of the programme on the tv and it looked brilliant, hopefully it will be repeated at some time.

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I recorded the play and watched a little bit last night. Such a shame the camera didn't show all of Martin Clunes dancing! That was the best bit for me, so funny!


I met him in Selfridges a few years ago, but not yesterday. :(

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She was lovely! My OH seemed quite excited to think we'd met Jerry Hall 8)


I was thrilled to see Rupert Grint in the flesh - he looks MUCH nicer for real, Martha, as I said, hasn't got over having Matt Stevens' arm around her and Esther is just overwhelmed by the whole thing. Sanjeev Bhaskar was particularly nice to her. He signed her autograph book and wrote 'We met at the Palace'. How lovely!


I have tried to add some pictures to this thread, but it's not working right and I can't figure out why. :( There's a few in my album on page 7 of the Chickens Gallery.


Oh and Thomas the Tank Engine really worked on a little railway with steam. Sophie Dahl arrived at the play on him!

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