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Recycled hens...Previously Do you like my chickens?

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Hi everyone,


Today I made a couple of recycled hens! They're quite fun. I wonder whether I could use them as a money-making scheme to get my eglu. I've uploaded the pictures into my gallery, go to this link:




Tell me what you think of them in this topic, or whether you'd like one! Could one of you clever moderators put the pictures on here for me? I don't know how. Thanks


Scroll down for more


Here they are - Lesley




Metal one Sold

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I've made some more now, they aren't actually as big as the pictures on here are. I've made four more now and am uploading the pictures as I'm writing this.


Lesley the big blue one's made from blue plastic off of my sister's old bank file!


Do any of you think they'd be a good money-making scheme? As I could make a few more, when I find some more materials out of the shed.


If you go to my album, you'll see some pekin versions for inside plant pots that are quite funky!


I'll add them here and then send you a PM :wink: - Lesley

The Blue Hen


The Pekin Bantam


Black Hen


Plastic Pekin


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The idea of an auction is great, and will help Liz to raise the money she needs for an Eglu. Both she and Martin are so enterprising, I am sure that they will be captains of industry when they leave school :D


Martin - sorry, I have just put the cheque in the post to Liz for the wire one :? , but you can see it when you next come round to my place. I wonder what my girls will think of it?

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