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Martin B

Guinea Pig Eglu

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Check it out on the Omlet home page or in the shop. THe guinea pig eglu is now available. It has a shortened run and enough room for 2or3 guinea pigs! IT LOOKS GREAT! I would like one of these but the rablu and eglu is enough for the moment.


Check it out, and tell me what you think about it!

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That is soooooo cute.


no, No, NO! I can't look... I am soo weak willed....My finger is hovering over the "buy me" button.... I don't even want Guinea pigs.... OH would KILL me.........be strong, be strong.....


I am with you on that one Annie :lol::lol::wink:

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...then, with the mini run, it must be easy to move around the lawn to fresh grass.

And, I could bring it into the garage (it's half garage/half room) for the winter accommodation...

and I could get another couple of guineas so that Boo Boo has some company...

and, oh, yes, I wasn't going to be getting any more guineas was I?

Agh, stop me from looking at this topic, esp. the photo! :roll::lol:

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I'll have to come and see it next time we are down visiting my folks...


..it..do you mean the guinea pig? Or the purple Eglu that I don't have yet? :lol::wink:

Either way, I'd love to see you if you fancy a trip over next time you're out this way!

But, there won't be a Guinlu to see... :wink:

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Read and posted in haste there and didn't see it properly :roll:

Hey, Martin's teasing! Or had a premonition...perhaps I will get a purple Guinlu!

But, I'm really trying hard not to get one!

I have to consider that I've told LSH that Boo Boo will be our last guinea pig, and she's about 7 yrs old.

:idea: But, I'm sure Esther would like some! :lol:

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I love guinea pigs. I loved the way they would shout for some food everytime I walked past. Funilly enough I don't find the same behaviour from my dd as endearing :lol:


My bunnies are silent, but hop about like mad begging for food or a stroke. the chooks on the other hand mug you if you dare to venture out without food :roll:

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