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I can't believe I have been so stupid!

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I was doing some tie-dying,& all was going well,rubber gloves on to protect my hands.....

Then I came back 20 minutes later to stir it,& stuck my hands straight in the navy blue dye :roll:


Result - nice tie dyed sheets & attractive navy blue hands :?


Any tips for getting it off.....quickly :lol:

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err... milk? that's supposed to help with ink stains on clothes?


otherwise (because we all know that won't work!) - rubbing alcohol - some gin??


a nail brush and soap??


good luck!



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..any luck with it, Cinnamon? So easy to do, a moment of distraction. If the solutions didn't work, you'll have to start a new Summer fashion.

The must have fashion accessory, hands to match your handbag/clothes/eyes etc. :lol:

I do hope it's gone though.

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Well,I have scrubbed them hard with my very expensive Clinique body scrub,& there has been an improvement.

Its still dark around the nails though,& I have had to cut the nails all off as they were stained too :roll:


Oh well,I will know for next time 8)

The duvet cover looks great though :lol:

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