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Noeglu's Eglu fund!-Recycled Hens sales

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..but I must have mis-read them :roll: I thought the pink one and the purple one were about balloon size and I was going to put them in a pot down by the farm gate as we are difficult to find.


As they were smaller, I'm going to hang them in the window with fishing line - they are beautiful though - and so are the wire hen and cockerel.

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I don't think Junior Debit cards are a good idea, It'd just mean I'd spend more money! I don't like the Halifax savers accounts for under 18's their interest rates aren't very high.


I bank with Nationwide! I think the intereste rate there is 4.76%, I'm not sure, it might have gone up by now because of inflation.

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I bank with the Co-op because of their ethical policy and environmental activities - they give money to Climate Care every year that you hold a mortgage with them, and have just installed micro-turbines on the roof of one of their office blocks to generate "green" electricity:




And the other week I got a mini bar of G&B Maya Gold in a mailshot from them :D

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