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Guess what I am getting for my 40th birthday ?

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Oh, I want a mark 3 eglu too, in fact it was on my birthday wish list but that's been and gone now- too late Omlet boys :( . But Santa is under strict instructions this year, so if those of you at Omlet HQ could please make his job a little easier I'd be ever so grateful :wink:

And I want a purple one please.


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Well, we go away next week, so hopefully soon after we come back :P

To be honest I have been a little lazy in actually finding some ,& Cleo (they are her flock) has VERY set ideas on what she wants (2 polands, a Blue Pekin & a Silkie!)


The pen is all done,so if I can get my act together we should get the little ones quite soon :P

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No, but I figure she will find out soon enough.

All good character building stuff!


Actually Clare we have just bought 2 six week old Pekins from a lovely chap in Marlow.

His name is James,& I think he must be about 14,his hens are gorgeous & so is his garden :P

He had all these little babies scuttling about - just adorable :P

So, we have a lemon cuckoo & a millefleur on the way in 2 weeks!

Here is a link to his site




He also put us in touch with Liz Holt,who I think you spoke with before (cottagepoultry.tk)

We hope to get a couple more from her :P

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Martin,although we have never met he sort of reminded me of you.

He used to breed & sell call ducks,but they got too noisy for the neighbours,so he changed to Bantams instead.

His set-up was brilliant,with all the little Bantams toddling around the lovely garden,looking like garden ornaments :P

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