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Chocolate Fountain

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Aaaargh, I've got one Lesley, and it's very delicious too, but I can't remember where the dratted leaflet is :roll::oops::oops:

I'll go on a hunt and I'll be back soon 8)


OK, an edit now, I've found my recipes (and a fair few cobwebs as well- I must stop hiding things that I rarely use under the stairs :oops: )


Quantities of oil to chocolate seem to vary depending on the brand of chocolate that you use, and I have a hugely long-winded chart here covering a wide range of chocolate, so if I don't include a chocolate brand that you're looking for let me know, chances are I'll have it here :wink:


Cadbury Dairy Milk (20% cocoa solids) 4fl oz oil to 800g chocolate


Galaxy (14%) 6fl oz oil to 800g chocolate


G&B Organic (70%) 2fl oz oil to 800g chocolate


Lindt Excellence (70%) 4fl oz to 800g chocolate


Instructions seem to be along the lines of heat 1/2 of the chocolate & 1/2 of the oil together for approx 1 min in microwave, then stir thoroughly to combine the 2. If not fully melted after that then give it a little longer in the microwave. Then melt & mix the other half in the same way, then chuck it all into the fountain and enjoy :D:D:D


Now that I've dug this thing out it seems almost criminal not to test drive the recipe for you :wink: If that is, the horrible children have left any chocolate anywhere in this house :shock: . School holidays and they're eating anything that they can find :roll:

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Thanks so much KateA - now my other sister will stop haranguing me :roll:


We're also making Chocolate Sausages :? - Chocolate and Chilli to be precise, and Chocolate Lime Bread. My sister is theming it all on chocolate, but that is all I have to do because she has lived abroad for 4 years and thought it was her turn to do the organising

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Ummm, it all sounds a bit different :? I love the chocolate fountain, and the bread sounds interesting, should be delicious, but I'm ever so slightly unsure about the sausages :roll: Do let us know what they taste like.

I've tried chocolate beer- once, not my thing, I'd rather have a hot chocolate with lots of cream and marshmallows :oops::oops: , but could be an idea if you're looking for chocolate-y beverages :wink:

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You could make a good mexican chilli, and grate some seriously good plain choccy in to it - thats what the mexicans put in it. But it has to be 75% or more as its not supposed to be sweet.


And maybe some tortillas dipped in the same choccy and set for scooping the chilli up?


Mmmmmmm....... :oops:

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The sausages are savoury and have chilli and chocolate in them. The sister whose birthday it is won't like them - they have meat in them and she's more used to sawdust :wink: The sister who asked me to make them will like them as she likes chilli and decent meat. I'll only like them if I leave the chilli out..... hmmmm........


I like chilli with chocolate in - but no meat.


Shall I go away now? :roll:

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Test driven tonight.... chocolate fountain, strawberries, pineapple & marshmallows, plus assorted local teenagers, Big Brother finals and one heck of a sleepover. Apparently they're not going home tonight :shock: . At least I can give them eggs for breakfast.

Eggs and chocolate.... now there's a balanced diet :oops::oops::oops:

Lesley... the chocolate fountain recipe works well :wink:

Do you want some teenagers :oops::lol::lol::lol:

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The choc, chilli and lime bread was lovely and so were the sausages. (even I was a bit :shock: at the prospect :lol: )


My sister made Dolcelatte in dark chocolate - they were divine 8)


The chocolate fountain and all the fruit platters were a great hit - I have a lovely photo to post later! (along with the poo cake)

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I want to make this for Natalie's Birthday on Friday :D Is there a receipe?


Maybe I could make small individual ones :lol::lol:


I was going to make individual ones for Kate's birthday at the Burghley get-together! Just make choc cake in muffin cases - not too full - and then pipe chocolate buttercream with a round nozzle. You can get the plastic flies in party shops :lol:

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