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buff orpington

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Both of our Chickens are settling in nicely :lol: and we feel confident that we can introduce 1 more as they are both such placid girls. We really want a Buff Orpington,but have been told it may be too big for an Eglu. So was after a Bantam.


We are struggling so much as no one seems to have done any this year. We are in Hampshire but are prepared to travel further a field - does any one have a Buff Orpington Bantam?


Are they generally placid?


Where can we get one?

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They are supposed to have a lovely nature and be great hens. I haven't seen any around, but check the breeders in the back of Practical Poultry mag, register on their forum and advertise there, also register on pekinbantams.com forum and post there as that one is great for sourcing unusual stock.


You don't see a lot of them around, but they are really pretty and availabale in all sorts of colours too. A normal sized orp would be way too big for an Eglu, it might just squeeze in the door, but it's be a tight fit!

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Thanks Claret, I have just registered so will post on there this morning.


We contacted the Gentlemen in Southampton by phone on Saturday, but have not heard back yet - might send him a quick E-mail though.


I will struggle to stop at one, as I have just become a Chicken addict, if we had a bigger garden I would consider a second Eglu!!

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I emailed omlet about this recently :oops:

Barbara said:

The run might be a bit restricting for large breeds like Orpingtons to

spend long periods in but if they were allowed to free range for most of

the day, they should be fine. If they spent a week or so in the run

while you were on holiday, they would probably be OK but if you were

able to add some run extension panels, I'm sure they'd be even happier.


Note she doesn't say anything about fitting into the eglu itself.


This place does full size and bantams



Storr's poultry Sheffield had the full size when we bought T&S


Erm, OH says if I get a job after my PhD :roll:

I have my eye on a purple eglu.....

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(so long since we logged in we forgot username and password, so i had to re-register.)


We got our eglu with 2 hybrids last year, and added an orpington buff (called buffy) a couple of weeks later. She fitted in with the other 2 fairly well, and 'cos of her big size maybe didnt get picked on so much.


The 3 of them fit in the eglu fine, but probably 4 orpingtons would be too much for the eglu. They wander around the garden most days, but we regularly leave them in the run for a weekend and sometimes up to a couple of weeks while on holiday. (We use the 2 peanuts as feeders and have a big drinker hanging in the run - this will last about 3-4 days). Buffy is bigger than the hybrids, but i think a lot of this is the fluffy feathers - i keep on meaning to weigh them, but they wont stay on the kitchen scales long enough - i think they're maybe worried that i'm checking for cooking time.... :)


She's a good layer, i think around 4 eggs a week, and the eggs aren't a lot bigger than the others. She's a bit more skittish than the others, but will eat from our hand, but sometimes a bit difficult to catch... Not gone broody yet, which i read was more likely in this breed. Definely a different personality to the others - i think the best desciption would be 'nice but dim'... :)


We got her from a place about 1 hour north of birmingham - the "domestic fowl trust" i think, about a year ago.


Hope this help,



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Wow! I bet that's a but of a squeeze. Like most chooks, some orps are larger than others and a lot of that is feathers. Once they settle down on the nest and fluff themselves out, they take up a lot of room. Our chicken lady, Pearl, has buff orps and uses them a lot for brooding eggs as they are supposed to be excellent mothers. Lesley recently bought a broody buff orp from her.

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Aaaaaah, Andy - now you've made me stop and think - I'm meant to be picking up 2 new Bluebelles tomorrow, but having seen your Orpington snuggled up with her friends, I'm sorely tempted to change my mind to an Orpington.




Maybe I should buy another Eglu, then I could have both......



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Did he get a fish bone caught in his throat or something Chookie??

Poor dear, I hope you gave him an extra big SLAP on the back......



OH thinks if we had an orpington it'd eat the others and they'd just be a pair of feet sticking out of its mouth one morning. :shock:

Oh and they must go BOC (really deep) rather than boc :lol:

He's slowly being adjusted to the idea of Buffy the buff orpington and her friend ? in a purple eglu :twisted::!:

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We've had ours about a year, and she's still laying i think (i've lost track of which eggs are from which chickens, but we get 3 different makes of eggs anyway...) I'll keep you updated, and let you know ever 6 months if she's still laying... :)



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When we went to Paula's Poultry yesterday to pick up Hunney and Darling, we had to stand for about half an hour and just admire her Orpington cockerel - He is just stunning - an ENORMOUS Splash Orpington, with a slightly defective sounding crow!


So enormous, there is no way he'd get in an eglu, although his wives and babies looked like they might squeeze into one!

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