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How can you tell if the chickens are eating enough? I fill the feeder to about 3/4 full and end up have to chuck the food out after a couple of days when it doesn't seem much depleted. I'm now worried that the reason they are almost attacking me when I get out the corn for a treat is that they are starving. They free range at weekends and in the evenings, and I do put some greens in the run for them.


Aside from this worry, they are lovely! I haven't managed to cuddle them yet, as they still skit off. I shall try this evening through the egg port.



Hi Miss Cooks... Have moved your post to the Chickens section, where more people will see it. AnnieP

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Hi Miss Cooks :D


Your chickens have got you well trained :lol:


The reason they are not eating the pellets is because they know you will along to feed them corn. A bit like children not eating their dinner because they know they will be getting chocolate if they wait long enough.


I would stop feeding them corn for a week and leave the pellets. No need to throw them away after a couple of days as long as they are not wet. The chickens will not starve themselves and they will soon get the idea that they have to eat pellets before they get any treats.


Corn is very fattening so I only feed this through the winter months. My hens get about a desertspoon each late in the day about an hour before they go to roost. This will help keep them warm through the night. In the summer I feed wheat which is less fattening again the same amount before they go off to roost.


My hens had me well trained at the beginning as well :roll::lol:

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Can someone tell me how important - or how harmful the amount of oil is in the chickens feed.




This link has two different feeds, I think the first one looks like the stuff Omlet have in their shop, and the other is the Smallholders feed.


The 1st one (Organic Layers Pellets) has 4% oil, and the second one (The yellow bag of Free Range Pellets) 3.5% - while this isn't a lot of difference, I would like to know which would be considered better for the chikens.


If and when I do get some, I want them to get only the best... I wouldn't feed them poorly no matter what. (In fact, I would rather go hungry then see an animal under my care get poor feed)

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Hi Miss Cooks. Everyone who has responded to your question knows that chickens can be crafty and would prefer treats to their staple food, be it mash or pellets. :roll:


Just a word of warning though, if the pellets or meal has ever become damp, it gets "sour" and the chickens won't touch it. We had this happen when moisture got into the bin where we stored their food and they wouldn't eat any more pellets from that bag.


If you're certain their food is fresh and dry and has been properly stored, withdrawing treats can be an easy solution! Good luck! :D


Sue Budgie

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I don't know how relevant the amount of oil is lightworker, but they do need a certain amount to keep them in good condition (just like we do). In the winter I sometimes make my chooks some porridge by dissolving the pelllets, some porridge oats and a dab of olive oil in warm water and they love it :D


The organic pellets you show are the same as the ones on the Omlet site. They are made by Allen & Page and are very good, my chooks love them.

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Has anyone used any of the food on the Hi Peak site - because I haven't got a chicken to try the different foods on, I can't compare the different feeds.


How similar etc is the High Peak stuff, because most of it is cheaper than the one on Omlet, but I'd rather pay more for something I know the chooks will eat.

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