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chicken names

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Any suggestions for chicken names ? Just interested to see what people come up with may it be Denzel or Maurice whats your chickens name? :D:D:D


My OH is called Maurice!


I think it would be great if you called your chicken Maurice but my OH wouldn't, so please call it Maurice!!! :lol::lol::lol:

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Mine are all named after cheeses :roll:

Our original duo were Sage & Onion :shock: (hubby has a great sense of humour........ not :roll: ). Sage died, so we needed companions for Onion.

We thought of Cheese, but thought that if we went for Cheese and Onion we'd eventually end up with Salt, Vinegar, Prawn and Cocktail too :roll: , so decided that exploring the cheeses would be better. Sadly Onion has also since died :(:( .

So now we have Philadelphia (Cream legbar = cream cheese :roll: ), better known as Phil; Brie; Mozzarella (Ella); Gorgonzola (Zola); Stilton (Tilly); Camembert (Cam)............ oh and Lottie who we inherited with a non-cheesy name :wink:

Naming chickens is great fun, because at the end of the day it doesn't matter what you call them, girls names, boys name, real names, made names, puns...... whatever you like. They won't get teased at school, sulk, or change their names by deed poll as soon as they hit 18. Nor do you need to stand outside and call for them whilst all the neighbours are sniggering *what did they call that pet of theirs :? * as is entirely possible with a dog.

But be warned if you choose to follow a theme select one with endless possibilities- chickens are addictive and you may need plenty of alternatives to choose from when the flock expands :wink:

So go on, time for a little creative thinking :D:D

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I agree im pondering over a selection of themes including chocolate, potatoe e.g potatoe, chips , mash and omlette fillings. Thanks for the theme tip


The potato theme's a great one....... but do you know, strangely the chocolate one sounds even better to me :roll: You could have Cadbury, Galaxy, Lindt, Green... and Blacks then as well of course.... and those are just a few quick examples. I suspect I could continue on this theme all night :oops::oops::wink:

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well Kate had me fooled cos when I 1st saw her chicken names I was sure she must be an Archers fan with Clarrie and Jenny! Fancy them turning out to be Cooks instead.

Our are called Ginger and Lady Tottington but I only have my children to blame for that. The main thing is we are getting lots of lovely eggs!




(still struggling my way round the message boards!)

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The only theme to my chicken names is the continueing theme of letting the children name them. Hence Yoda (the smelly boys named her), and Hunney and Darling (my 3 year old daughter named them).


The sensible names were my idea - Amber, Star, Nerys and Hillary - just cause they seemed to suit the girlies!

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We started with Millie and Tallulah - Tallulah because I've always loved the name but couldn't think of calling a child or dog by that name :wink:


Then we added. Lottie and Mrs. White...... followed by Ellie (after Ellen MacArthur who completed her RTW trip on the day we collected the hen) and Star ..... then Rita and Beryl (already named by someone else) then Mrs. White had to retire due to ill health and was replaced by another white hen named by Grandson Jake as Ploppy - we call her Poppy :roll:


Mork and Mindy the ducks were added to the growing menagerie. They have 3 nameless ducklings.


We have two Cockerels named Nelson (because Carl rugby tackled him to catch him and broke his wing :oops: ) and Blue (Elijah Blue - a grass type plant :? )


New girls - Toffee, Fudge and Honey. Bluebelle, Amber, Lucy, Nugget and 'nameless'


Three broodies all called BB.....

Big Buff - a very large Buff Orpington

Bossy Boots - an extremely bossy little bantam...and .....

B***** B******** - a vile toad who will peck as soon as look at you!


Between them they have 13 little chicks who will probably remain nameless :roll:

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This is being written by Dark_Storm_01.



I'm just glad that the Pure Breed Chickens aren't named in the same way Pedigree Cats are.


If and when I can buy an Eglu (or make my own Coop) and get chickens I would name them with these names.


Artemis Fowl (like the Eoin Colfer books, and the Fact that Artemis can be used for boys too)





Sweetpea (sounds nice when you croon it)

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