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Everyone who lives in London, or any other city, who keeps chickens, I call on you to e-mail the BBC's "ONE SHOW"










I sent the One Show an e-mail asking them to do an article on the Eglu and Urban Chickens.


They have requested me to get you all to send them pictures.


This is the response to my e-mail.




Hi Brian -


You mention that you would like to buy chickens - do you have any yourself already? Or do you have friends who have any?


We'd love to see photos of "urban chickens" - and possibly their owners! If you know of any, could you contact them and ask them to send in a photo?





The ONE Show





So do something great today and send them your photos... Lets see the Eglu get some more good publicity and hopefully it will give OMLET more trade.





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Brian, what an excellent idea :D . We do have several inner city chicken keepers, and in fact someone (I forget who) made a short, but highly entertaining film called "City Chickens" about a year ago, featuring Richard T and his wife Wendy, Kannie and Karen who are all Londoners. Extended it would make a fabulous TV programme.

I hope that you get lots of responses to this.

I'm not sure that I'd qualify though, much more suburban than urban.... and not at all photogenic :oops::roll:

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No no..... They just want to see pictures of you with your chooks!


That's all they have asked for (see the Original E-mail, as copied from my Inbox Folder)


:twisted: Just Do It ! :twisted:


Ditto Herd, I wish I had a garden so that I could consider buying chickens.


But then I have 2 very noisy, inconsiderate neighbours, who have little oiks for children - who swear like troopers, at the age of 6 - 10.


So even if I did buy an Eglu, and moved it out onto the grass areas, the chickens would probably die of fright...


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We live in a city :?:


I'm sure I could persuade my usually camera shy husband :shock::wink: to pose for a pic or two. Not with pants on his head though :wink:

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Well, if you have it uploaded to the net, send the BBC One show and e-mail (supplied by me - very 1st post)


Stick the URL link with the video in the e-mail...


I would also like to ask everyone to help spread this to the other City Dwelling members - I would like the BBC to give a really great article!

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I just hope that the publicity on a prime time show helps Johannes and company.


I think the Omlet team has done a really eggsellent job with the Eglu.


I say this as a former engineer. The way things are built nowadays aren't properly thought through, so it is nice to see a product on the market where you can see that someone has actually sat down, looked at the problems, and made a design that beats them.


All I can say is "Well Done" to Omlet, you deserve all the awards you can get, and so I wanted to help.

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It'll only happen if more than 1 or 2 people do it.


I hope everyone does!


As long as you live in a town or a City - somewhere with a high population, then please DO send the One Show an e-mail.


I missed out on them mentioning it in todays show, because they sent me the reply at the last minute - so I replied to it saying that I would put it up a post in the OMLET forum, and see what happens, and to mention it tomorrow.

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Well, I've just done it!


I'm always game for a dare or a laugh - let's see what happens.... :lol:


Their office and e-mail will be full of pictures of thousands of pet chickens and mad hen owners...like me!!! The result could be quite funny, but the people on the One Show might wished they hadn't asked!!! :lol:

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Lesley you MUST do this!!! :D:D




Lesley lives almost in the middle of the country not the city!


But didnt Lesley used to live in a more urban area? :? And the whole farm thing has sprung out of 2 chickens and an eglu hasn't it? :?

Please correct me if im wrong :oops:

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