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Contacting Omlet by email

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We've just had some important documents delivered to work - they should have been signed for, but had just been dumped outside the door by AMTRAK. I called the sender to explain in case they were wanting to track it.


I ordered a Christmas pressie for Phil, and when it didn't arrive after 2 weeks, I called the company concerned, who said it should've been signed for, and sent out a replacement anyway. About 3 weeks after Christmas I found the original tucked behind a flowerpot in the back garden :shock: . When I phoned the company, they said just to keep both lots, but were shocked at how it had been left.

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Amazing how these threads always get more and more outrageous....

beat this:

New computer ordered from Dell. Sat in to receive it. Didn't come. Phoned Dell: "Yes it was delivered this morning"

Ensuing argument......

Dell got onto the delivery people, who told them what colour our front door was and where they left it (unsigned for :roll: ).

Explained to Dell that actually, our front door wasn't white and that the delivery man wouldn't have got past our two very large and quite territorial dogs to leave it at the back door......

We got another computer the next day, delivered by a different courier... but somebody somewhere got a very nice state of the art computer system for free...... :shock:

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Obviously both got criminal minds Andrew :wink:


I'm always aware of that - in my 'police capacity' one of my bugbears is people who purchase new white goods, then leave the boxes outside their house (as an advert re new goodies), then complain when they are burgled and said item is pinched. It isn't difficult to crush the box and put it in the recycling bin :roll: Or, as Phil suggested, leave it outside someone elses house :roll::lol:

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