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Martin B

Sponsor A Child HELP!

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I'm currently preparing my English Coursework, and it is based on a personal piece, capturing emotions etc. It is a very open ended task. I would like to write a set of letter to and from your sponsored child.

I'm pretty sure somebody here has sponsored a child. I may be wrong.


Then after the set of letters I am going to write about the sponsor visiting the child only to find that tragedy has struck and the child has left/died.


Obviously I will not be writing about a real sponsored child, just a made up one, based on information I have.


I really would appreciate it if you could tell me about or show me some of the things you or your sponsored child have done.


Kind Regards,


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That's a bit cheeky Martin! :lol: I didn't get you lot to help me out with my Science homework which took 2 and a half hours did I?! It took ages to find the correct info on banned drugs in sports-stanozolol, oxandrolone!


Sounds like an interesting piece of English Coursework-I'd like to do it anyway! I'm quite good at english, especially at poetry and analysation.

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:) Well, I expect that you now know more about banned drugs in sport than the rest of us do, Liz!

I don't think Martin was looking for a shortcut in his homework. A few people had mentioned sponsoring children before on the forum, so it was a good place to do research, asking for 1st hand experiences.

There's so much interesting knowledge to learn isn't there? I'm glad you are both working so hard, well done. :)

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