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Can any of you computer experts help me .........

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before I throw the damn thing out of the window! :twisted:


I have saved an image and I need to miniaturise it to 1/144th - I know you can do this on a good photocopier but I thought it could be done on a PC? If it can be done on a PC would you be able to tell me in the same way as you would a four year old? :oops: (actually they'd probably be more advanced than me better make it two year old!) :oops:


I would be forever grateful!




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OK - I'll try!!


the way you do this depends entirely on the type of software you have. I don't know what you have, so i'll explain two ways...


first - you WILL have a program called Paint - it comes as part of windows. It is a very basic program and I wouldn't normally use it - but i mention it because you will certainly have it!! in my second post i will tell you how to do it with Irfanview - which is much better - and you can get Irfan view free - and it is an awesome little program!


anyway - first, with Paint


hit START (bottom left hand corner of screen)




(where ">" is the menu that pops up each time)


the program "Paint" will open...



Click File > Open > and surf to the place where you saved the picture - click on your picture and thern click "Open". our picture will appear - possibly very big - in the window...


Click "Image" (top bar) > Attributes


and a screen will appear with the width and height of you picture you can select inches - centimetres or pixels - it doesn't matter.)


There is no handy percentage eduction in paint - so you will have to work out what height and width you want it - and type them in the height and width width boxes - (eg if you original is 1440 pixels and you want 1/144th - then type in 10 - thought that would be VERY small!!)


then click OK - and save your new (smaller) image - but give it a new name or else it will overwrite your old one...


job done - but it is easier with Irfanview - see next post!


good luck!



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OK - here's how to do it with Irfanview...


1. download Irfanview from here http://www.tucows.com/preview/194967 and install it.


2. open Irfanview (START > PROGRAMS > IRFANVIEW)


3. Open your picture (FILE > OPEN > WHEREVER YOUR PICTURE IS > OK)


4. Your picture will appear - probably very big! you can zoom smaller with the little magnifying glass with the minus sign on it... (this doesn't change the picture size - just your view of it..)


5. to change the picture size.. click IMAGE > RESIZE/RESAMPLE and a dialogue box will open. Click the little circle next to "set new size as percentage of original" - and then you can put in your new percentage - i think for 1/144 you'd need to type in 0.69 percent. leave everything else as it is - then click "OK" - job done you only need to change the width or the height - the other one will be automatically changed for you)


6. save your new image with a new name - to avoid overwriting the old one..


shout if any of this doesn't make sense - i'll try to explain better!


good luck,



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:D Thank you again Phil - even more excellent!! Although I was getting a smaller image on Paint it wasn't really miniaturising - just showing a section of the original picture! But with Ifranview it has miniaturised so now I can have a go at wallpapering the 1/144th house that I am trying to make! (Doll house size for a doll house).


You seem to need computers for everything these days don't you!




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We are having real problems with the web/windows (clueless) :oops: . Since being on broadband the line frequently drops. At the w/e we noticed that we had been "upgraded" to 7.7mbps and now are having to physically dis- and reconnect the USB cable :x as, although the the server becomes unavailable, the connection continues to live. Most annoying when you are filling your basket when shopping!


Any ideas?

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I have often found this approach the most helpful myself with these computer things! ( I'm not terribly good with them either!)


Firstly disconnect everything.


Then, carefully disconnect all the components (monitor from base unit, speakers, modem, printer etc)


Open a window as wide as possible and upon ensuring that no-one or no-chickens are near throw each item out of the window in quick succession.


It can help during such a process to hurl abuse at the equipment or jeer at it in an unfriendly manner e.g. "Who wins NOW then Mr Computer!" etc etc




Sorry - off to take my tablets........ :roll:

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