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What should I do?

What should I do?  

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  1. 1. What should I do?

    • Carry on saving to buy a Mark 2 in a colour of my choice
    • Not sure
    • I buy the Mark 1 green eglu and pick it up in three weeks

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I have been offered a (green eglu) for £200, not quite sure whether it's a Mark 1 or 2? I'd have to get it picked up on the 21st October.

I'm in a bit of a dilemna, what should I do-should I buy the (green eglu) or continue to save up for a reconditioned one in blue/purple or buy the (green eglu).


As in three weeks I may well have enough money to buy new. Please put your answer into the poll!

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Oh dear, Liz. What a dilemma. You've so nearly saved up enough to have whatever colour you want and there's room for 4 hens in a brand new one and only 3 if it's a Mark 1. Difficult call as you'll have some spending money left over if you buy this green one after you've worked so hard all this time.


Oh dear. Can't say!

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Ooooh, tough one Liz... I've not voted because I truly think that it depends on how strongly you feel about the colour.

Green's not the most exciting colour, but it's very popular, looks good and it might be a good introduction to the garden if your parents are a bit conservative. Besides which an eglu is an eglu, and £200 is a great price. You'd then have money left over for whatever you want.

Oh, heck.... I'm going to go back and vote for get the green.... but honest it's your decision. You've worked and saved so hard that you honestly deserve whatever you want :D

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I now think I'm going to buy a brand new (purple eglu). I'm deciding this as I really want a (purple eglu) and am not sure whether Starlet will fit throught the door of a Mark 1 (green eglu) as she's very big!


The other reason is that I still have other orders on the way and I wouldn't be true to them if I said the money was going towards an eglu and it wasn't.


As well as that-I can't wait 3 weeks-when I know I can make enough money for a new one in just over that.


THAT'S IT A (purple eglu) for me!

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Tough choice :?


I've really enjoyed watching your total grow, (very quickly!) and think it would be worth hanging on a little longer for a new one in the colour you really want,


but on the other hand! there would be money left to get some other bits and bobs like the shade etc.


Your choice Liz, and well done for working and saving so hard :D


karen x

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I think you should carry on saving for what you really want :P


If you compromise & get this green one,you may always think "what if.........."


It does sound like a bargain,but I am a firm believer in saving for your hearts desire,be it an Eglu or anything else,rather than making do with something that is fine,but not what you really,really want :P:P:P


You have done so well to save this much - don't give up now :P

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