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Mrs Frugal

Famous Chicken Keepers

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We're on our jollies next week, and i've made a pact with Lee next door, that he must come round in his PJ's to give the neighbours something to gossip about :wink:


Imagine seeing him leave at 7.30am, from the front door in his Pj's :lol:


But, yes, I do agree, she is missing the knickers over her tights (she'd still look good though wouldn't she!)

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I go out to the chickens in clothes similar to Madonnas! just bigger of course. I go out there wearing the clothes I have on in the Guess Who? photo :shock:


Long skirts collect all the chicken poo so I don't stand like Madonna is in that photo - I have skirt all pulled up. If I had the big knickers I could tuck it in :lol:


Aslo sometimes wear a lot less - that's what I like about chickens - they just don't care :lol:

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I can imagine Madge being quite an earth mother really. You have to put up your 'front' for the cameras.


Thank god I'm not famous, imagine the headlines 'Scruffy Buffie, all talk and pooped trousers'. :lol::lol:


Just watered the plants and raked the run in faded blue dressing gown and dirty pink fip flops (about to go into washing machine, flip flops and not me) Noticed I have strawberry jam on the cuff and also got in to find poop on the rug 'AGAIN'. Hope there are no long lenses looking in.


If we ever become prey to the media we'll just have to have a country estate! See that's got back on topic to Madge and that's why she lives in her sprawling pad!! :wink::lol:

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Just had to refresh this today as I was shown an article in an old magazine at work talking about Sadie Frost and her chickens, and then the children had left the TV on in the living room this evening. As I went in there tutting loudly about children and wasting electricity etc Paul O'Grady suddenly announced that he also keeps chickens. Neither made comments about the housing though, but maybe the wonders of chicken keeping are hitting the celebs too.

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