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First Egg

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:D First egg, first egg, first egg! :D , By chance I just happened to be working from home today so took the chance to go out to see the girls and give them a corn cob. Priscilla had been looking very grown up (wattles and comb far bigger than the other girls and started squatting at the weekend when I went near) so just in case I opened up the egg port to take a look. Had to take a double look as I wasn't expecting to find anything and there it was a perfect warm egg - 50g exactly.


I carefully checked to make sure that there was not a lion mark or date stamp on it as we have some friends laying a new lawn for us and I wouldn't put it past them winding me up but it looked good to me - no red marks. can't wait for Nigel to get home to see it.


I think a few fresh turf trimmings will be making their way into the hen pen tonight as a special treat.

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Great news Jane! Did you do the egg dance?


One of my terriers does an egg dance!!!!!


If I'm feeling very generous, or find a poo covered egg, he gets it. He holds it gently in his mouth while prancing round the garden with glee. Then he puts it down and waves his front legs at it (trying to make it run so he can chase it I think) before repeating the sequence ...... until he accidentally cracks it and has to eat it quickly before the other terror steals it from him. :lol::lol::lol:


I love that first egg feeling and I get it every time a new girl lays for the first time. Enjoy!!!

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:dance: Woo hoo!!! Isn't it funny how one chicken suddenly 'grows up' ..makes the others look such babies in comparision with their little pink combs!! Only one of ours is laying (we got them August 23), the other two still nowhere near.


I was pretty convinced it was a practical joke, ie my other half had only pretended to find an egg....but finding the second egg just after it had been laid convinced me, what a great feeling! :D


Now the next big milestone will be when we get TWO eggs in one day....come on you other pullets!!



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Oh yes a little egg dance was performed yesterday - if a second egg arrives today it'll be strictly come dancing all the way to the kitchen :dance:


I have plans to put some of their eggs in the Christmas hampers for my family so the other girls better get laying quickly.

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Congratulations on your first egg!


I was convinced I would do the dance but I was so surprised when I found the first egg that the first thing I did was check it for tell-tale pink marks etc. I was convinced my other half and his dad - who was staying with us at the time - were playing a trick on me. I made Grandad promise faithfully that it wasn't a trick before Layla came home from school as she is ony 5 and I didn't want to have her disappointed later.


But then all I could think was aren't chickens amazing - they just go in to the eglu and obediently lay an egg on the nest, And I still get a funny feeling every time I find an egg (only 5 so far and still waiting for the thrill of Layla's chicken starting to lay).

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