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i am going to use the "C" word in mid october.

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I won't be making a cake this year as none of my lot will eat it! Sob, sob :( .


Tell you what Kate - given that you are obviously quite upset at the prospect of not making a cake this year, you go make one, and me and the children will pop down in December and scoff it all up for you!



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I've made my Christmas Chutney already


I make a wonderful Christmas chutney - I wonder if it is the same recipe - I think mine is a Mary Berry one.

If not I will post mine too, & we can compare notes :D


I am doing mine in 2 weeks time,after half term,with Delias mincemeat to follow.

The Sloe Gin is looking & smelling good too :P

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Is that Delia's mincemeat that you put in the oven so the suet melts, Sarah? I do that one every year and love it but I don't put any booze in it (shocked silence considering this is Kate-who-will-bottle-anything-in-alcohol!) and stick in lots of glace cherries instead!!


Looking forward to seeing your Christmas Chutney recipe. Always on the look out for more recipes to collect!!

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Blimey....I am impressed.


Him Indoors makes ours. The fa**ying about you wouldn't believe!


It is always v. nice though.


He has a weeks hols next week and so will set to then.


I did but 2 christmas decs yesterday so I feel underway!

It takes him a whole week to bake :shock::lol:

I thought mincemeat came in little jars from the supermarket :oops: I was impressed by my "homemade" mince pies. May need to go and look at recipe.....

We have an idea both our parents could visit US :) instead of bargaining over which of us will visit who at Christmas for months :cry:

We've never personally made a Christmas cake, (one for me, one for the cake :wink: )and there's a lovely farm shop for with turkeys/geese waddling round in the fields at the moment.

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its so satsifying baking your own cake. mine smells great i have just taken it out of the oven, and the whole house smells like a christmas bakery. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)

leave it for a couple of months to mature, feeding occasionally with a nice spirit, i like to put amaretto in mine, and hey presto. one cake ready for icing!

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My dad used to make the best christmas cake ever. As he is no longer around :( *whisper* Tesco supply ours :oops:


Having said that I do fancy giving it a go myself (this coming from somebody who cannot cook for toffee :roll: ). Its half term next week and the girls would love to give me a hand.

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My Christmas cake is planned for next week. Imy intends to help me bake it, so we're going to kick the men out and have a girls baking day on Sunday :wink:

I don't like Christmas cake either :oops: , but hubby and MIL both love it, so I tend to bake a small one and generally they'll both eat their way through it, slowly but surely :wink:

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