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The Toonfamily girls

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well its been 5 days since we got the hens and I am loving it. I'm a youth worker so come home late in the evening but have been getting up at 6am to spend time with them. they free range in the afternoon when the kids and hubby are home.



Day 1 - Gizmo is rather inquisitive!!



Day 3 - WE let them free range in the garden and they loved it





The dog chased them the first time but now they are respecting each other. was a bit scary though. I never knew i could scream so loud. but they don't care about him anymore. the peck soon out him in his place. lol


We have built a walk in run on the allotment and are off too Melton Farm Market this saturday to see what we can find. I am really enjoying my hens and can't believe we are expanding so quickly. I am hoping we get an egg soon. My toddler is bursting to find one. he checks every morning and the look of disapointment on his face. The time will come and I hope I get a pic to remember it by!

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Be careful at Melton market, there are lots of nice hens but when I was there a few weeks back there were a few cockerels being described by their owners as hens and also a few ill looking birds


There are some bargains to be had just keep your head screwed on and keep your wits about you (in saying that I impulse bought two Pekins there :oops: )


You need a green card to bid for anything, these cost £2 and are available from the office, if you don't have a card you can't buy anything

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