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Can They Eat Meat?

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Its personal choice here :?


You can't feed meat or fish products to meat producing animals anymore - brought in after the BSE crisis but for your own hens it is what you are comfortable with 8)


My girls get a small amount of leftover meat and they are fine with it at the end of the day they will eat almost anything and if they get their beaks on a mouse or a frog they will scoff it too so in nature they do eat some meat :lol:

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Chickens like meat and fish more than anything, but it is illegal because of BSE etc.


So the official answer is Yes, you can feed them meat, and Yes, they will love it, but No, you should do what DEFRA tells you. Unofficially you can make your own choice.


They work out from eating worms and other things that they dig up from the soil that meat exists. They won't start eating each other after tasting a bit of beef: they aren't cannibals, but scavengers who by nature are designed to clear up carrion. They do a wonderful job on the remains of a joint of lamb (so I understand).

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Since we got the chooks, I've always been very careful to turn away from the kitchen window whenever I'm roasting a 'you know what' at the weekend, so as not to upset them. Last weekend, the cats managed to liberate the previous night's carcass from the dustbin and spread it all over the path by the back door. And on their way to try and barge in through the back door, as usually happens when we're around and the girls feel they're getting ignored...


You can guess the picture we were confronted with last mid-Sunday morning............They haven't taken bites out of each other though since they tried their, er, brethren. Touch wood, it doesn't seem to have done any harm..but YEEEUUGGHHHHHH.....



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