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Run Covers and imminent bankruptcy!!!

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Have just put winter shades and extension shades on both Eglus.


Horribly expensive but I can see immediately that it is a vast improvement on the plastic shower curtains that I used previously.


Was forever retrieving them from distant corners of the garden and up trees etc.


The girls look quite snug now.


Must sit down and work out cost per dozen eggs sometime!!!...but then again, maybe not.

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Hi, I got an old sail from www.freecycle.co.uk and it made a great winter shade. I cut it to size and tucked the ends underneath the run and it seems secure so far. It saved me a lot of money :lol: As for cost per egg, I have two chooks, one who lays infrequently and one who refuses to lay at all. Maybe too posh to push :roll: I think Faberge eggs would be cheaper than mine at the moment as hubby keeps reminding me!

Happy chickening, Sara x

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Got my girls a tarpaulin from Allplas - cost about £20 but it has eyelets all round the edges so CTB banged some tent pegs in (no mean feat through concrete) and now I just bungee them on when required which seems to be all the time at the moment :cry:


I'm not going to get eggs for ages yet but the costs keep mounting up - have just placed an order with Omlet for some goodies :lol:

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Hmm...cost per egg, so far lou lou has laid 18 eggs, the other two are being far too coy to even consider it........so, after the initial outlay of the eglu and run, then the winter shade, bark chippings, food, poultry spice and goodness knows how many treats......


probably the most expensive eggs ever.


But....I really don't care, my three girls are just brilliant and every egg is just a happy bonus :D

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:D Brilliant post Cabbage Patch :D


Thank you :oops:


This afternoon, I was soooo stressed (reasons too complicated to go into). Eventually after collapsing in pathetic tears on the sofa, I went out to the garden, pulled up a cabbage, fed the girls, and had a happy half hour watching them eat and eat and eat....making all sorts of appreciative noises.


So, that was my chicken therapy for the day. :D:D:D

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