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Does anyone have eglu set up instructions?

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Am getting my eglu tomorrow :D Just wanted to know whether anyone has a set of the eglu instructions on how to put it together. Or if you don't have the instructions, do you know where they are on the website?


Please help-I'll be struggling otherwise.


PM me if you have a set I can borrow. PM me and please can you post them, and when I've finished I'll post them back.

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He, he.


How could I forget Clare. It's arriving this afternoon and I have printed off the instructions. Actually looks very simple now. Did manage to get some sleep and will have to discuss with Dad about selling old coop. There's no more room in the garden for any more chickens. :cry: Never mind. Will probably change my username tomorrow!!! When hopefully Dad will have got our computer sorted out and de-virused it. Am at the library at the minute instead.


Also go and look at the win a recycled hen posting. I announced the winner today!!!

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It's arrived. I cleaned it off with the hose as it was a bit dusty and I already love it to bits. We will decide where to put it later on and I just have the run to put together now. Hopefully Muddles will like it as I took her near it yesterday and she jumped in the air. The other two were intrigued and I think a little bribery with cucumber will do the trick!

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