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Why don't people like GMT?

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This is a very personal comment, and I expect lots of people will disagree, but I dislike the dark evenings intensely because my daughter needs to walk home from school on occasions (I drive to pick her up 3-4 evenings a week usually) but the other 1-2 days she has to walk as there is no reliable bus service. That walk takes her along a local heathland, it's a main road, but has heath to either side, and is unlit. Yet idiot drivers choose to drive along at fantastic speeds, yes, it's also a national speed limit road for part of it's length :shock: I really worry about her walking that little stretch in the dark after school. when other road users might not have such great visibility because of the twilight, or there might be ice. Why endure dark evenings and safety when there's an easy solution :? . I accept the farmers arguments about light mornings and also the fact that Scotland it's going to be darker still in the mornings, but staying later in the evening because it's further north, but then I'd support different time zones.

As I say, only my opinion and based on highly personal circumstances, but it was pitch black here by 5pm this evening, the poor hens went to roost before I got back from Seb's football match at 4:45. Come Christmas we'll be dark before 4pm :shock: Miserable.... I need my daylight and come winter I'm at work for the majority of the daylight hours :(

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Up here, if the clocks stayed on BST, it would still be pitch dark when the kids went to school in the morning, during the shortest days of winter, as well as being dim when they came home.


At least when the clocks go back, we can walk to school in daylight, and on the darker evenings we can all walk up together as the daylight fades.

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I don't like it much either,although I do like the snuggly dark evenings,candles lit, & slippers on :D


My girls have to walk from the bus stop to home along an unlit road with no path,& its pretty fast too,even though it is a country lane.

If its a rainy day,it can be very dark by the time they are there,& I do worry about them - but then I guess it would be equally dark at 8am when they have to walk to the bus stop in the morning :?


As for the farmers argument,well I have never really understood that one,so if someone can explain it to me that would be great.

The way I see it,why don't they just work with the daylight,starting later & finishing later as necessary?

I am sure there must be a good reason why this can't happen though.......

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Im very much a autumn/winter person. I adore COLD weather and dark evenings...definetly gets my vote.


Cant abide the hot weather - sticky nights - not being able to sleep.


give me frosty mornings and crispy leaves any day!

Sounds just like me Chelsea! :D

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what are your bears??? :D


Hi Chelsea, I have two dogs called Teddy & Poppy, collectively they are know as 'The Bears' it stems from Teddy as in 'Teddy Bear' and it has just stuck! :lol::lol::lol:


I dont own any grizzly bears - unless you count my OH!! :wink:


im dog sitting a "bear" called POPPY at the moment...hope yours isnt as much as a pest as this one! (jack russell)

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I went to work at 7 this morning - a bit lighter than when I normally leave the house at 6, but didn't leave work til 8pm and it was definately dark then.


Haven't seen the laydees for two days now and I miss them!


I am very much a summer person. I like the warm, I love the light as it keeps me motivated to do things. I must suffer from S.A.D. as I feel really lousy at the mo and know that it's only going to get worse yet.


Roll on 21st December - the days start to get longer again!




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