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Red's Return

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Hello All - hope you all remember me :? - I'm afraid I've not been a very good omleteer of late having not visited the site for quite a few months. I am now a happily married henkeeper (1 week today :D ) and a few stones lighter (tho' not as light as Thalia - Well Done You!)


It is with great sadness that my return has been prompted by the sudden death of my beloved Edna :(:cry::( who passed away yesterday morning. We do not know why she died as she was in apparent good health. We can only imagine that she was egg-bound. We did wonder if it was the sudden drop in temperature that got to her because it has been so mild until that night when it dropped to below freezing. I know both Mavis and Edna had slept soundly through much colder nights last winter but the change in temperature was very sudden that we can't help but wonder????


So today we set off for a new friend for Mavis and have returned with two! - a Maran (Doris) and a Welsummer (Rita) to keep her company. Of course Guy Fawkes is not the best night for introductions but so far so good and they are all tucked up together in the Eglu 8) The three of them look very comfortable in our Mark1 though we suspect we will need to invest in the run converter so that they have a little extra space on days when they are confined to the run. The OH is now at home all week so they should get plenty of time to free-range around the garden.


I cannot even begin to catch up on everyone's news - although I will try - so you will have to excuse me if I am a bit behind the times.


It's lovely to be back and I am sorry that it has taken some sad news to bring me back to the welcoming arms of my henny friends :) .

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Hey Red, so good to see you back :D:D:D , but what a mix of good and sad news.

First, congratulations on the marriage, I hope that you had a great day. And well done on the weight loss.... the challenge now is keeping it off :wink:

So sorry though to hear about Edna :(:(:( , you'd had her quite some time if I remember (although I also seem to remember that you've had the eglu considerably longer :? ). Such a tragedy to have her die so suddenly, but hopefully that way it was quick and she had a good life and a quick, pain free end :?:(

Great to hear about Doris and Rita, they sound gorgeous and I hope that they settle in well with Mavis. You'll have to post photos soon :D:D

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Hi Red nice to see you back, congratulations on your recent marriage and well done for losing so much weight i bet you looked great in your wedding dress................... :D


Sorry to hear about poor Edna I do hope that the new girls settle in well and get along with Mavis..........

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Well, where to start?

Lovely to see you abck again Red, and CONGRATULATIONS on the wedding! 9.gif

So sorry to hear about Edna. I am sure there was nothing you could have done, but its such a shock when it happens isn't it? :cry:

Good luck with the new girls. Fingers crossed that they all get one with eachother quickly.

Hope you'll be here more often now?! :D

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Hello Red - wonderful to see you back and congratulations on the weight loss and wedding!


good luck with your new chickens - they sound lovely and I'm glad to hear they were all settled in the Eglu.


I don't envy you trying to catch up on here - in fact I wouldn't bother if i was you - just start as Day 1 :lol:

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Hi Red,

Well you have been a busy bee havent you??? :D:D:D


Congratulations on getting married and losing weight - both a huge achievement! :D (but in different ways)


Sorry to hear about your hen Edna, how sad. :(

Pleased you have 2 new friends for Mavis though im sure she will really appreciate some company.


Hope to see you in lots of threads from now on! 8)

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