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Excited - ordered chooks!

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I'm so excited I had to come and tell you all. I've just been to see a lovely lady who breeds chickens for a couple of chooks to go with my omlet pair. They were so gorgeous, I wanted them all! My choice was limited in the end due to the time of year, but I've chosen a gold duck wing araucana and a gold campine. I wasn't too sure about the campine as I've heard they can be a bit flighty. But this one came over to check out me and 2 year old son. If only I'd had some food I'm sure she would have eaten out of my hand - she is so beautiful! And she was the only one in a field of wyandottes, sussex and orpingtons, so she did play the sympathy card. And the araucana looked lovely - I didn't get as close to her, she just looked like a big, dusty bundle of feathers!

Now I really can't wait until 25th November!

:D:D:D:D (I really am grinning like an idiot!)

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Hi Mel,

It was Warwickshire Rare Breed Farm at Church Lawford, near Rugby. Only 10 minutes from Lutterworth. Found it in the yellow pages. It sounds quite grand, but it was really just a very large back garden and I could only see chickens, no other animals. She had a beautiful selection though! I met the araucana's Dad - what a magnificent bird!! I was kicking myself I didn't take a camera. Poor Dusty looked quite dowdy next to Daddy.

Just goes to show how excited I was - I never thought to ask about vaccinations or anything else (by the way, what else should I be asking?) :oops:


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